Author: Rachel Werner


5 Wisconsin Chocolatiers

Buying local is a sure bet in terms of procuring premium chocolate. Wisconsin has several chocolatiers who have amassed fans around the country because of their distinctive creations and excellent customer service.


5 Winter Recreation Classes

With colder temps likely to dominate the forecast for months to come, it’s beneficial to find activities best enjoyed outdoors to prevent being stuck inside until spring arrives. The following winter sport professionals in Wisconsin are excellent resources for acquiring—or improving—one’s skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or ice fishing skills.

The cider farm

Restaurant of the Week: The Cider Farm

Eating from the land is a practice many Wisconsinites are familiar with. But “tree-to-glass” drinking is a rarer experience for those now more accustomed to city living. Which makes The Cider Farm’s tasting room at Brennan’s Market in Madison a superb staycation outing.

clothes shopping

5 Spots to Shop Sustainably

The staff at these resale Wisconsin-based shops have a keen sense of when a bargain is too good to pass up and offer a selection of timeless goods—sure to make repeat customers even out of devote Amazon fans.