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Boost Your Bliss at Blue October Spa

Does a five-star resort spa experience that can take place in less than a day, is a tenth of the cost and about a 20-minute drive from Downtown Madison sound too good to be true? Meet Blue October Spa, Middleton’s best-kept beauty secret despite being centrally located near the bustling intersection of Century Avenue and Allen Boulevard.

At Blue October Spa, owner Susan Nelson prioritizes the privacy of her patrons. From the moment you step onto the second-floor landing, one feels transported to an oasis of tranquility thanks in large part to the varying hues of blue which envelop the walls and décor.

Another notable aspect that is different at Blue October Spa is the inclusion of specialized bodywork such as therapeutic stretch on the services list. Nelson and the her team of trained practitioners, including Barb Esser, work in tangent to ensure their clientele have a full mind-body experience. Therapeutic stretch, in particular, isolates and stretches specific muscles in the body that are commonly associated with discomfort and pain. Targeted hands-on manipulation of these areas can be quite effective at releasing muscle tightness and improving joint mobility.

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Nelson has been intentional about expanding her initial vision for Blue October Spa to now offer much more beyond basic aesthetics because she recognizes that the sort of results many people are seeking necessitate addressing other aspects of wellness in addition to proper skincare. “Some misconceptions many people are likely to have are that you are too young or too old to start skincare and/or treatments. Our skin is our largest organ, yet the organ we generally take for granted,” she says. “In-office treatments (like Advanced Nano Derm) can help give your skin a fresh canvas for an at-home routine to work much better. They also assist with chronic conditions that need more than over-the counter-products can provide. It’s very important to find a professional you are confident will work with your comfort level, budget and lifestyle.”

While investing in top-tier skincare certainly has value, Nelson thinks it is equally important to not skimp on the basics. Hence, the one beauty product she thinks everyone should prioritize regardless of gender or age is sunscreen. She also encourages every potential patron at Blue October Spa to do their own research rather than simply buying into the latest trends celebs and influencers are promoting online.

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The key is to connect with knowledgeable providers you can trust who are passionate about running an ethical business in myriad ways. For Nelson, this also manifests by providing monthly incentives for customers to donate to Underdog Pet Rescue plus partnering with other Wisconsin-based businesses. One example is their use of a salt scrub made by A Time For You, a salt room in Sauk City, in the body wrap treatments. All of this—and more—makes Blue October Spa a daytime getaway that boosts community and hearts as much as your selfie magic.

To book a treatment, visit

6213 Middleton Springs Dr. Ste. 201
Middleton, WI 53562

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