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Business may be booming in the local beauty industry. But pushing every trend is not on brand for Allure Skin Health, a full-service med spa with locations in Janesville and Sun Prairie.

Owner and aesthetic nurse Kimberly Monroe has worked with medical-grade cosmetics for almost three decades. And when she first opened Allure Skin Health in Sun Prairie 11 years ago, there were far fewer med spas in Southern Wisconsin. Monroe sees this surge in interest, as well as the number of providers in the area, as a positive shift overall. But she also recognizes a growing need for more integrative treatment plans beyond helping people to look their best for special occasions or highlight reels on Instagram.

With Monroe’s entrepreneurial savvy as the catalyst, Allure Skin Health now provides additional comprehensive services such as wellness consultations. These offerings help to craft an alternative path to “quick fixes” that clients often do not need—or may not be a great fit with their lifestyle long-term in terms of how often they work out, travel for work and a variety of other factors.

Monroe insists her team does a thorough review of health history and current concerns before any services like body contouring, dermal fillers or “wrinkle relaxers” are rendered. She wants each person to really reflect on the why—psychologically as much as physiologically—behind what prompted her, him or them to book an appointment. This is particularly important because Monroe recognizes a lot of people carry trauma from childhood related to their appearance.

allure skin health
Kimberly Monroe and Allure Skin Health team

She is also aware that feeling comfortable in an industry that has historically catered to Eurocentric beauty standards can be challenging to people of color. Even on its website, Monroe has prioritized making sure it is evident that Allure Skin Health is a welcoming, inclusive med spa. Her staff has the knowledge base and cultural sensitivity to work with all skin types. 

The staff take very seriously their responsibility to counsel clientele about how health status is often reflected through the skin. Taking into account exercise frequency, dietary choices and sleep habits needs to be more of a focal point than superficial, temporary results without a plan in place to improve one’s approach to wellness as a whole.

The same is true for individuals managing health conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues or kidney transplant (which many cosmetic providers will hesitate to treat). Monroe is always willing to have the conversation in order to explore with each person if/what advanced skincare options might be possible either now—or in the future. “It’s less about beauty,” she says. “And much more about what makes you feel the best and be truly healthy.”

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