A Guide to Sledding in Wisconsin

Sled your stress away and have some good old-fashioned fun in the powdery goodness while you still can. Thanks to this guide to sledding in Wisconsin, your days of hoping to find the best hill are over.

[Originally posted November 2022.]

Lowell Park


Nothing pairs better with fresh snow than a sled, especially at Lowell Park, a dreamy destination for sledding in Wisconsin. The fun begins with two wooden toboggan runs, for those who are feeling brave. In addition, there are plenty of hilly spots that are ideal for sledding. After some action, be sure to take a break in the sheltered picnic area, or if you still have some energy, there will also be an ice skating rink to entertain you. The toboggan run is open through the last Saturday in February on Saturdays, from 1 to 4 p.m. Registration is required. For more information, visit

Elver Park

Elver Park


For an authentic sledding experience, Elver Park is a must-go destination. When the snow covers the hill, there is plenty of room for snow angels, snowmen and, of course, sledding. With 250 acres of snow-filled grounds and a massive slope illuminated with lights at night, the possibilities are endless. No matter what time of day you feel the urge to get outside, Elver Park will be available as the perfect spot for sledding in Wisconsin. Sleds are available for rent for $2 per hour. For more information, visit

Iverson Park

Stevens Point

Basically a snow-filled heaven, sledding in Wisconsin has never been easier with the help of Iverson Park’s thrilling landscape. Guests will find three sled and saucer runs, and even a special lane dedicated for children 6 years old and younger. On the other hand, if you’re feeling a bit daring, you can’t miss the two 300-ft.-long toboggan slides. After wearing yourself out on the hills, be sure to relax a bit in the warming lodge. The sledding season typically runs from the second week of December through the first week of March at Iverson Park, but check for updates before visiting. For more information, visit

Mee-Kwon Park

Mee-Kwon Park


If there’s a snow day in the future, be sure to go for a leisurely sled ride at Mee-Kwon Park to bask in all of the wintery weather. Locally known as “Mule Hill,” this slick-yet-safe slope has a long, shallow gradient, making it perfect for sledders of all ages. Not to mention, this helps when it comes to dragging your sled back up the hill for another ride. And don’t forget to bring your ice skates if you have them because you’ll also get the chance to skate on the adjacent pond when the weather and ice are working in your favor. For more information, visit

Myrick Park

La Crosse

Myrick Park will remind you that you’re never too old to go sledding. With the help of an expansive hill with a not-too-sleep descent and the snow necessary to make it slick, the combination is perfect for sledding in Wisconsin. Aside from the hill, the park also offers lots of winter fun in the form of scenic views, trail access and even a dog park for your furry friend to experience the fresh snow. For more information, visit

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