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Stress Less with Float Away Wisconsin

Let your mind and body drift away to bliss at Float Away Wisconsin, located just outside of Downtown Union Grove in Racine County. The immersive, open-air floatation tank is filled with 1,300 pounds of Epson salt, fighting gravity while you float, relax and let the world melt away.

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Best Spa Getaways in Wisconsin

Restorative bliss is within reach of every major city in Wisconsin thanks to the following spa getaways. Idyllic grounds, trending skincare and a host of other amenities make each an accessible alternative to jetting off to the coast—because the right balance of sophistication and solitude is merely a short drive from home.


River Shores Chiropractic

River Shores Chiropractic is a woman-owned wellness center in West Bend. Founded almost 14 years ago by Dr. Krysti Wick, River Shores has evolved from a pain-based practice to a focus in holistic wellness, caring for all ages but exceptionally talented in pediatric and family care.