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5 Outdoor Fitness Events

Wisconsin boasts more than just beautiful scenery; it also hosts a variety of exciting outdoor fitness events that bring together exercise, nature and community. From peaceful outdoor yoga sessions to one-of-a-kind marathons, there are plenty of options for those looking to get fit in the great outdoors. Read on for five outdoor fitness events in Wisconsin. 

Fitness in the Park


Connect with yourself and nature at Fitness in the Park, an all-level fitness class at McKee Park Shelter in Fitchburg every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:15 a.m., Sept. 5 to Sept. 28. The course combines elements of cardio, strength exercises and scenic paths for additional aerobic moves and balance practices. These outdoor fitness events in Wisconsin offer the perfect way to get outside, connect with the community and get your body moving. Pricing for Fitness in the Park varies but starts at $24 for eight classes. For more information, visit docs.google.com.

Yoga at The Flower Farm


Yoga at The Flower Farm in Franksville offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Picture yourself practicing yoga among vibrant blooms and the gentle rustling of leaves. Led by experienced instructors, these sessions seamlessly blend the calming effects of yoga with the soothing beauty of nature, taking place on select Saturdays from 9 to 10 a.m. Each class is $20 per person, with upcoming dates including Aug. 26 and Sept. 23. For more information, visit allevents.in.


Alpaca Yoga

River Falls

Eagle Eye Farm’s Alpaca Yoga invites guests to immerse themselves in a unique yoga experience in the peaceful presence of alpacas in River Falls. The combination of serene yoga poses and the gentle company of these adorable creatures creates an atmosphere of harmony and calmness. With the picturesque landscapes as your backdrop, this outdoor fitness event in Wisconsin promises to be an unforgettable blend of mindfulness, nature and heartwarming interactions. Alpaca Yoga is $35 per person and takes place on select dates each month, with upcoming events on Aug. 26, Sept. 9 and Sept. 23 at 9 a.m. For more information, visit eagleeyefarm.net.

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon


Wisconsin’s longest marathon, Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, is back for another year of outdoor fun. The event takes participants on a scenic route along 10-plus miles of Lake Michigan’s picturesque shores. This marathon isn’t just a test of endurance; it’s a chance to experience the natural beauty of Wisconsin while challenging yourself physically. As you conquer the course, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views, refreshing lake breezes and a medal (or two). The run will take place on Oct. 1 with courses including a marathon, half marathon and a 5K. Registration for the outdoor fitness event in Wisconsin starts at $30 for the 5K. For more information, visit milwaukeelakefrontmarathon.org.


Bubble Run


Bubble Run in Milwaukee injects a burst of color and fun into traditional running events. This 5K is unlike any other, as participants are surrounded by vibrant bubbles throughout the course. One of the most unique outdoor fitness events in Wisconsin, Bubble Run offers a whimsical and lively experience that’s perfect for adults and families alike. The bubbly experience will take place on Sept. 2, starting at 8 a.m. in Milwaukee at Wisconsin State Fair Park. For more information, visit bubblerun.com.

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