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savor the river valley

Savor the River Valley

Dining at restaurants has a plethora of perks. Oftentimes, however, one of the few downsides is being left in suspense as to how the delish meal you just devoured was crafted. Savor the River Valley, a culinary collective based in the Driftless Region, is hoping to fill this void.


Best Bagels in Madison

The best mornings begin with perfectly baked bagels and freshly brewed coffee, and now mid-afternoons can be made merrier too with the delectable addition of the tastiest bagels in Madison.


5 Wisconsin Supper Clubs

Nothing warms your heart and cures your comfort food cravings like a Wisconsin supper club. Whether you decide on a classic crispy fish fry or a steak seared to perfection, the best memories are made around the table.