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Nurturing Oneself At NurturHer Aesthetics

At NurturHer Aesthetics in Fitchburg, the ultimate end goal is for every person who passes through the door to leave feeling less anxious about the aging process, as well as empowered by taking steps to preserve the organic beauty she/he/they already possess.

Owning one’s external beauty is a fabulously healthy POV to have in regard to self-confidence. The challenge, at least for me, is that such a mindset is not static. And the older I get, the more work is required to maintain my natural physical attributes. This equates to increasing daily exercise; an earlier bed time (which I fail miserably at adhering to most nights); and scaling back my alcohol consumption to essentially non-existent proportions. Is it really worth it? Without a doubt! But at times, it feels like staying fit and properly caring for my skin have become second—and third—full-time jobs.

Meeting NurturHer Aesthetics founder and co-creator Erika Mulhall was the beauty intervention I hadn’t even realized was needed. Over the past two months, she and her team have developed a customized cosmetic plan for me which addressed the collagen and elastin loss that was starting to have a noticeable effect on my face, in addition to encouraging me to give body contouring a try. The aim of the latter was to provide a turbo boost to all those hours I spend working out every week.

nurturher aesthetics

Because I am already thin, Mulhall and I discussed at length the most likely outcomes of beginning the recommended initial series of five sessions. Unlike many other med spas in the region, PHYSIQ is the primary body sculpting treatment available at NurturHer. Because it uses heat (transmitted via radiation) to eliminate fat cells, plus EMS (electromagnetic stimulation) to tone muscles, “it’s the only body contouring device that can treat muscle and fat in the same treatment,” Mulhall says. Other surprising benefits are any adipose tissue that is removed is permanent (due to the application of thermal energy) and unable to regenerate. And there’s no recovery period needed afterwards—a major difference to invasive procedures such as liposuction or elective surgery.

Consultations at NurturHer Aesthetics are also not a “one and done.” Pictures are taking during each appointment so that Mulhall and co-owner Nikki Plourde can keep a close eye on their clients’ progress. They do not want people investing time and money in services that won’t produce the desired results—or even worse, wind up drastically altering how someone looks.

Rachel, before and after, taken two months apart

I can attest this has been my exact experience to date. For the first time in years, I am gradually becoming less fixated on my appearance. Becoming a NurturHer Aesthetics regular has reminded me the well of beauty I crave remains right inside of me. I certainly have the dermal filler to thank for my cheeks once again being a bit fuller, plus PHYSIQ for smoothing and tightening my inner thighs. But the real glow radiating back at me in the mirror is still fully my own.

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