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Opal Beauty+ Wellness Nutritive Skincare

Maintaining that “youthful glow” can come at a steep price, plus a few days of recovery time. But not as a client of Katie Kemp, aesthetician and owner of Opal Beauty + Wellness in Madison.

One of the most compelling reasons for starting her business was to increase accessibility to quality skincare sans expensive, invasive procedures. Kemp wishes more people understood that repeatedly traumatizing the upper layers of the face’s epidermis is not the only way to repair damage, improve elasticity or stimulate collage production.

This is exactly why one of the most sought-after offerings at Opal Beauty + Wellness is the Dermal Nutrition Infusion. For those seeking an alternative to micro-needling, this might be the enhanced facial you’ve been hunting for. According to Kemp, it’s “perfect if you are looking to improve skin tone, hydration and texture as well as diminish the look of fine lines and increase cell turnover” without injuring the surface level of the skin. She also customizes applications to suit the specific needs of each person Kemp has the privilege of pampering in her private suitewhich, most days, is filled with radiant light, softly filtering in through floor-to-ceiling windows.

katie kemp
Katie Kemp, owner of Opal Beauty + Wellness

Potential steps Kemp may incorporate include:

  • A double-cleanse of the skin
  • An enzyme such as cranberry or lemon enzyme (to exfoliate the skin)
  • Extractions
  • Dermaplane (to remove dead skin and peach fuzz)
  • Retinol Infusion Treatment (with a custom blend of niacinamide and vitamin C driven into the skin with a nano pen)
  • A nourishing mask (to calm and soothe the skin)
  • A skin barrier mask
  • A growth factor, calming and/or vitamin C serums

Plus, she highly advises that people stick to the recommended protocols related to other cosmetic procedures that might be a part their skin-health maintenance by forgoing chemical peels; scheduling any Botox before an infusion treatment; and getting any dermal fillers after an infusion. The services list at Opal Beauty + Wellness includes options at a lower price point that can also yield beneficial results such as the Signature Glow and Corrective facials. “It is a detox organ,” Kemp says. “Skin issues such as acne, tone and texture can be addressed with proper skin nutrition and holistic wellness.” So never neglect the topical—nor the internalhealth of your skin.

For more information about Opal Beauty + Wellness in Madison and to make an appointment, visit www.opalmadison.com.

5201 Old Middleton Rd.
Madison WI 53705

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