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NurturHer Aesthetics

No magical elixir exists to prevent one from getting older. But the aging process can be influenced through nutrition, lifestyle and skincare. The latter is a gateway for learning how to age gracefully at NurturHer Aesthetics in Fitchburg.

This boutique medical spa is currently the sole one in Dane County owned and operated by advanced practice injectors. Ericka Mulhall and Nikki Plourde “both have advanced nursing degrees in anesthesia and family medicine.” This makes them doubly prepared to address client concerns as well as develop treatment plans based on health history and wellness goals.

Mulhall and Plourde insist on thorough consultations prior to any service being scheduled. During these sessions, short- and long-term desired outcomes—in addition to possible contraindications for any treatments (like certain medications or supplements use)—are discussed in-depth. They also like to ensure a person’s wants are aligned with her/his/their capacity to adhere to any recommended protocol from start to finish. An array of beauty enhancements exist, yet several (such as body contouring and PRP Hair Restoration) require more of a time and financial commitment than others.

NurturHer Aesthetics team

Compassionate individualized care is a core value of Mulhall’s business model at NurturHer Aesthetics. She is frank with those beginning to explore the benefits of medical aesthetics that their end goal shouldn’t be “to look 20 again”—and is fully transparent about the limits of her scope of practice. They’re not surgeons. Rather, her team is comprised of committed professionals who are trained to administer the most sought-after and effective regenerative services now available in the United States and abroad.

The DMK Enzyme Peel tops this list of cosmetic skincare options only available so far via a few providers in Wisconsin. Typically administered in an initial series of three sessions, the topical application of the enzyme is actually the second to the last step in a five-part facial. Licensed esthetician Katie Kemp deep cleans and exfoliates the face before putting on a pore-opening Sebum Soak, followed by a Vitamin C serum. Afterwards, if pre- and post-care treatment instructions are properly adhered to, Kemp’s patrons are astounded by the noticeable reduction in the appearance of scars, hyperpigmentation, age spots and other surface-level imperfections.

For those seeking slightly more invasive TLC, Mulhall suggests scheduling a visit to get the real scoop on dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. She affirms it’s not about drastically altering your appearance, but figuring out how to amplify the natural, attractive features you still have.

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