Restaurant of the Week: The Heights

Farm to table eating has been trending for so long now that, at most dining establishments, the quality of the concept has fallen off considerably. Not true at The Heights in Madison—where you don’t have to guess or ask if the produce in your entrée was fresh since it is ascertainable by taste alone.

Co-owner Evan Gruzis is proud of what has quickly grown to be a neighborhood fave in the quaint Regent-Allen quarter on Madison’s near West Side. “If I had to chart the evolution of the restaurant, I would say it’s still very much seasonally focused, but the menu has expanded,” he explains. “We’ve broadened our food and beverage offerings by also retaining the penchant for experimentation we had when we first opened in 2018.”


The backbone of the bistro’s dishes are the partnerships with local producers and small vendors Gruzis has cultivated in tangent with his fellow proprietor (and wife) Nicole Rodgers and manager Daniel Smith. The rustic flavor of the Cavatelli is highly attributable to it being handmade in-house using flour from Meadowlark Organics, a farm located in southern Wisconsin—whose polenta is also the centerpiece of a polenta dish so savory you’ll be tempted to lick the plate clean following the last bite. Other ‘must try’ combos include artisan bakery Origin Breads’ brioche adding a buttery finish to the breakfast sandwich and cheeseburger.

Gruzie and Rodgers’ keen attention to detail, which consistently keeps the “grab ‘n go” market in the entryway visually appealing, and well-stocked with esoteric wines like Carignan, is equally responsible for the rest of the interior being an ideal photo op setting for InstaFoodies. The minimalist décor mainly clad in white and wood comes off as more polished, than pretentious. While the large bay windows create an environment in which the flattering accents of natural lighting ensure food—or selfie—snapshots to really pop.


“The one thing we regularly ask ourselves is ‘Are we providing something for everybody?’,” reveals Gruzis. “It’s important we reflect on that to keep our taste buds in order, plus our menu and retail goods in terms of variety and affordability.” An exceptional level of attention to detail—and guests—that continues to shine forth in every morsel of goodness The Heights is serving up.

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