KOSA Spa in Madison

Soak up a super-surge of self-care at KOSA. The new spa and retreat center is a true urban oasis on Madison’s Eastside—and is the only fully ayurvedic wellness facility in Wisconsin.

Owner Shilpa Sankaran’s mission is to guide guests through a comprehensive mind-body-spirit experience, inspired in part by her wellbeing-centered explorations in San Francisco, India, Iceland, Costa Rica, New York City and Denmark.


“Everything is designed to balance the seasons. In Ayurveda, we are currently in Vata season (windy, dry, cold),” she explains. “So we balance with opposites in the food like the kosa khichdi (a warm bowl of rice, lentils and seasonal vegetables made with warming and grounding spices prepared onsite); and in the treatments by using essential oils and herbs. We also do this with our aromatherapy, teas, snacks, soaps and lotions.”

Organic elements have been incorporated into each aspect of the available services, in addition to the spa’s overall spatial design within Garver Feed Mill. Sankaran affirms everything has been intentionally chosen to curate good energy. Clients leave more attuned to their own bodies after examining how to implement daily health practices specifically tailored to invigorate one’s life through holistic rhythms. Purchase of any service comes with full day access to the meditation studio, sanctuary lounge, hot stone sauna and aromatherapy hydro-steam room. And general passes can be purchased “a la carte” if a tranquil staycation is desired sans bodywork or wellness consult. 


Personally I recommend the Inner Glow Facial. The cacophony of tension which had been disrupting my ability to focus and normal sleep cycles significantly decreased after I was “re-centered.” I felt as if I had literally melted into my skin when it was over—and my face was literally radiate from the bliss beaming out from every pore. “Our internal frequencies need to be more aligned so that we may move through our daily activity more in harmony with ourselves and others,” assures Sankaran. “Give yourself permission to take small, simple and natural steps toward complete nourishment.” And pausing for a restorative pause in such a posh space should certainly be on just about anyone’s bucket list. 

For more information about KOSA Spa in Madison, visit kosaspa.com.

3241 Garver Green, Suite 260 
Madison, WI 53704

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