Fun Drink Spots in Wisconsin

From massive, over-the-top milkshakes to color-changing cocktails and nitrous-infused tea, treat yourself to these Instagram-worthy, fun drink spots in Wisconsin. 

Kung Fu Tea

Wisconsin Dells

As seen in The Washington Post, Refinery 29 and Food Network, Kung Fu Tea is a must-visit if you are looking for an elevated, Instagram-approved boba experience. The boba spot is known for its unique bubble tea options, with rotating special menu items like Kirby’s Fruity Flurry, a pink slush with berries and crystal boba inspired by Kirby and the Forgotten Land (available now). Unlike most boba shops, Kung Fu Tea offers a menu that can be modified to fit all dietary and allergen needs, including options for dairy-, caffeine- and gluten-free sips. To learn more about Kung Fu Tea, visit



It should come as no surprise that Kravings is one of the most fun drink spots in Wisconsin; it is famous for its Krazy Shakes, handcrafted with premium ingredients, topped with different desserts like doughnuts, cookies, brownies and so much more—two desserts in one? You can’t beat it. Choose from the Mint-O-Brownie, Birthday Bash, Royal Reese’s and so many more, or make your own sweet treat at the Krazy Shake DIY bar. To learn more about Kravings, visit

Don’s Boozy Shakes



Behind the storefront of “TV and Repair,” Don’s is a low-key speakeasy serving up smash burgers and the most insane, boozy milkshakes. The spot is a literal hidden gem and, if you are lucky enough to find the entrance, expect to try some video game-inspired sips like the Princess Peach with Peach Crown Royal, vanilla ice cream, Cool Whip and a peach ring and cherry rim; and Yoshi’s Cookie with Captain Morgan Rum, vanilla ice cream, cookie dough, garnished with more cookie dough, chocolate chips and a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. However, if neither of these is your vibe, you can just get a bowl of Fruity Pebbles instead. To learn more about Don’s, visit

The Bittercube Bazaar 


The Bittercube Bazaar offers vintage eclectic cocktails in Milwaukee, inspired by unique spirits, books and craft bar tools. The fun drinking spot in Wisconsin is perfect for the academic, all-things-vintage lovers in your life, offering sips like the Le Femme Rouge with heavy cream, simple syrup, 1912 American Absinthe Rouge, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao and a dash of bitters; or the Penicillin with fresh lemon juice, honey-ginger syrup, scotch and bitters. Each drink is served in an old-timey glass, and each cocktail’s recipe is available online for those looking to recreate the lineup at home. To learn more about The Bittercube Bazaar, visit

Lost Whale Birds Aren’t Real

Lost Whale


With some of the most beautiful cocktails in the mixology scene, Lost Whale offers a drink lineup that is perfect for the ‘gram, both for its stunning display and unique, buzzy cocktail names. Some popular options include Birds Aren’t Real, handcrafted with Capel Premium Pisco, pineapple, orange, lemon, Campo Viejo Brut, Bittercube Root Beer Bitters and a tin foil hat; or In Watermelon Sugar, that the Lost Whale claims is not a Harry Styles reference, with el Jimador Tequila, Dos Hombres, lime, watermelon, orange Curacao, root beer Bitters, Tajin and basil. To learn more about the Lost Whale, visit

At Random


Like its name, At Random in Milwaukee has been serving up the most random and eccentric cocktails since ’64. The fun drink spot in Wisconsin houses a massive lineup of boozy milkshakes, classic cocktails and other exotic late-night sips. Some local favorites include the Love Bowl, a fish bowl-style concoction with a literal fire in the center, tiki-inspired drinks served in adorable souvenir cups and more. Be sure to visit again during the holiday season for some of its famous festive cocktails for those feeling a bit adventurous. To learn more about At Random, visit

The Grateful Shed

The Grateful Shed

Wisconsin Dells

If you are looking for a place where every hour is happy hour, the drinks magically change colors and you even get a free souvenir cup, then look no further than The Grateful Shed. The spot boasts an eccentric cocktail menu where some of its sips will transform right before your eyes. The Butterfly Effect, a specialty cocktail on the menu lineup, transitions from a soft pink to a deep blue, complete with Tito’s Vodka, lychee, lemonade, butterfly pea flowers and topped with flower garnishes. In addition to this beautiful experience, the spot offers Instagram-friendly milkshakes and DIY ice cream sammies. To learn more about The Grateful Shed, visit

Sencha Tea Bar 


Sencha Tea Bar in Madison takes traditional tea sips up a notch by adding Pop Rocks, fruit-infused foams and even infusing it with nitro. Forget everything you know about the loose leaf and dive into the unique menu with offerings like the Berry Blue Fizz with white raspberry tea, blue raspberry cold foam and Pop Rocks; the taro coffee with boba and taro-infused espresso; or the nitro tea, with nitrous-infused tea on tap with high amounts of caffeine to kick start your day. To learn more about Sencha Tea Bar, visit

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