5 Wisconsin Chocolatiers

Buying local is a sure bet in terms of procuring premium chocolate. Wisconsin has several chocolatiers who have amassed fans around the country because of their distinctive creations and excellent customer service. If looking to send a personalized, edible surprise to someone who is never far from your mind—or heart—these small businesses are at the top of our “Best Wisco Chocolates” list.

Wm. Chocolate


Will Marx’s chocolate bars are a staple at local businesses throughout Dane County such as Christine’s Kitchens, Fromagination and Table Wine. But he also periodically whips up other goodies for special events and upon request. “For making truffles, I like to use my vegan 70 percent dark chocolate (ingredients: cacao, unrefined cane sugar, cacao butter) and high-fat coconut milk,” he shares. “Coconut milk makes a great alternative to dairy cream. It has a lot of fat and flavor, plus it’s easy to find. Sometimes I add a splash of dark rum or whiskey and roll the truffles in cacao powder or cinnamon too.”


De Pere

Seroogy’s confectioners make fine chocolates in small batches from the highest quality ingredients using classic recipes. They roast and flavor their coffee at the same location in De Pere. Brothers Joe, Jim and Sol Seroogy began making fine chocolate candies in De Pere in 1899. The current Jim and Joe Seroogy, also brothers, have owned and operated the family business since 1980. These chocolates are very popular with the locals and always a welcomed gift for teachers, family and businesses. They also add the Packers “G” to a meltaway bar that is available for sale in their shop and at the Packers Pro Shop at Lambeau Field.

Driftless Chocolates

Driftless Chocolates


Small batches. Artisan created. Made with joy. Driftless Chocolates chocolatier Stan Kitson seeks out single origin chocolates from regions around the equator and works to match it with his ganache, created using Wisconsin-sourced ingredients to highlight the natural flavors of the region. For tea-based flavors such as Earl Grey Lavender, Stan partners with Telsaan Tea of Mount Horeb to bring out the essence of the Colombian chocolate. For a truffle with heat and long finish, Driftless Chocolates warms it up with habanero and the spicy smokiness of chipotle from Savory Accents in Verona to add a kick to chocolate sourced from Mexico.


La Crosse

Finnottes began selling only mixed nuts and cashews. Over the last 35 years, it has grown to include so many kinds of snacks, confections, gifts and treats, it be hard to limit oneself to only taking home a few items. Every holiday season, an array of specialty products are available. It’s a one-stop shop for ribbon candy and gold coins for Christmas; assorted chocolate boxes for a Valentine; gold coins to be discovered on St. Patrick’s Day; and cream eggs and edible bunnies leading up to Easter. Since any day of the year could potentially be a special occasion, Finnottes aims to help their customers keep their traditions and memories alive.

CocoVaa Chocolatier


To say the chocolate Syovata Edari creates is gourmet is an understatement. Edari has won over 30 national and international awards for the confections she handcrafts. Over the past seven years, Edari has stayed true to her original intent of producing high-quality sweets in “micro-batches” while also ensuring any ingredients she sources are ethically- and sustainably-made. Because of the limited quantities Edari makes of each item, the featured flavors rotate throughout the year. Consistent customer faves include the heart-shaped Passionfruit Mango and the decadent Sayari Cocoa, which has an inner layer of rich ganache enveloped in an outer layer of dark chocolate.

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