4 Hair Care Hacks for Quarantine Life

by Samantha Georgson

After a month of being Safer At Home, the struggle to maintain one’s beauty regiments is indeed getting real. How does one stay selfie ready sans in-person assistance from your regular stylist? Try these DIY hair care tricks from the BeInspired Salon owner Kati Whitledge and her pro crew on refreshing your look solo until the quarantine ends.

Turn Your Fringe into Curtain Bangs

Whatever you do, don’t cut your own bangs! Instead, when your fringe starts getting a little too long for your taste, you can part your bangs down the center to create the perfect curtain bangs. If anything, this temporary solution will get you through until your stylist can squeeze you in for a trim, but who knows, you might just love this chic center-parted style.

Zig-Zag Your Part to Hide Your Roots

We know unwanted outgrowth can be pesky, but before you reach for that box-dye, consider these other, less damaging cover-up solutions that will get you through until you can get back on the schedule for a professional color again.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, get out your comb and create a zig-zag part in order to hide any outgrowth at the roots. Just move along your part from front to back, creating a zig-zag pattern by pulling small sections of hair across your part in opposite directions. This method will also give you some added volume, it’s a win-win!

If you’re looking for a little more coverage, you can opt for a root touch up powder, such as Eufora Conceal, to instantly blend unwanted greys and regrowth. We recommend going a shade darker than you would expect. You can always reach out to your stylist for a customized color-match.

Embrace the Length and Try a New Style

For all of those overgrown pixies and fades, instead of getting out your clippers in an attempt to clean up your look at home, embrace the length and try a new style. If you have extra length around your ears, you can add a little texture and slick it back with a gel or pomade, we recommend the KMS Messing Creme for playable texture and added hold.

If you already have some natural texture to work with, you can recreate a similar style with a messing cream. We recommend the Surface Hair Curl Cream Wax, which will give you some added texture and hold while working to define your waves or curls.

Lay Off the Heat if You’re Able

Now is the perfect time to give your hair a break from hot tools and styling products. If you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go and you’re able to give your hair a rest, do it!

If you really want to revitalize those long locks, you can also treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask. We recommend the Surface Bassu Hydrating Masque. It’s life for dry hair, infused with sustainably harvested Babassu seed oil, creating the ultimate fix for moisture, condition and shine—the cherry on top of this restorative routine. 

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