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5 Spots to Shop Sustainably

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is how the modern adage goes. One of the most effective ways to decrease the amount of non-biodegradable materials ending up in landfills is by thrift shopping. Another added bonus is retro clothes, décor and furnishings can spice up one’s wardrobe or home aesthetic with one-of-a-kind objects indictive of trends long past, yet now in vogue again. The staff at these resale Wisconsin-based shops have a keen sense of when a bargain is too good to pass up and offer a selection of timeless goods—sure to make repeat customers even out of devote Amazon fans.

Rescue Me! Consignment & Thrift Boutique 


Rescue Me! offers women’s clothing, furniture and homewares consignments, in addition to having a large selection of each via donated items also available for purchase. What makes this store unique is MyDinkyDog Pet Boutique, a mini-segment of the business that stocks apparel and accessories for dogs under 15 pounds, plus an array of brand-new gift shop items. (The extensive line of dog and cat pillows in particular tend to sell out fast!) Owner Michelle Caradonna also donates a proceeds of all sales to animal rescue organizations like Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin. “I have had a passion for pets since childhood and have volunteered and fundraised for various shelters and rescues for over 35 years,” she says. “I was looking for a way to create a continuous revenue stream to support no-kill shelters and foster programs.” 

Sustainable Style Door County

Sturgeon Bay

Putting to good use 20-plus years of experience in the fashion industry as a professional model, Sharon Hinnendael launched a personal styling business committed to eco-conscious fashion in June 2021. “I have been dressed literally thousands of times by some of the best stylists around the world,” she says. “I don’t think it’s a fun trend; I think shopping sustainably is our duty as humans at this point.” Hinnendael’s priority is ensuring her clients look and feel comfortable in the garments they select from her extensive—and affordable—vintage collection. She’s a firm believer people should wake up excited to get dressed every day while also developing the confidence to ditch (then replace) the stuff in their closet that never gets worn.

Rewind Décor


If looking to trick out urban digs with a mid-century modern or an OG Hollywood vibe, this is a one-stop shop. Pop-art prints and funky table settings abound as well as a rotating assortment of records and cassette tapes also up for grabs. Video game enthusiasts will appreciate the working, first-edition Nintendo available for patrons to pause to play while browsing. And if you’re old enough to remember when McDonald’s and Burger King used to occasionally give out themed glassware featuring comic strip characters such as Garfield, keep your eyes peeled for these hard-to-come-by replicas of American kitsch while pursuing the shelves.

Recycled Sally’s


Kids grow quickly. Which is why gently-used, second-hand clothes can be a big money saver when littles are constantly outgrowing attire they have barely worn. The inventory available is meant to appeal to women in various life stages (pregnancy, post-partum, back at work) whom are also on the hunt for budget-friendly outfits for their infants and children. Although the majority of the garments are acquired via consignment, the store does have a small stock of new items too.

Home Again Consignments


With a showroom interior designers are meant to meander in for hours, Home Again Consignments is a prime retailer for those wanting to refurnish entire rooms for a fraction of the cost. Bedroom, kitchen, patio—no matter the room—there are quality goods in stock to meet just about any functional and/or decorative needs. New pieces also arrive daily so potential patrons can keep tabs on what’s currently up for grabs via the store’s website and Facebook page.

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