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10 Wisconsin Waterfalls

From a venture to the state’s tallest roaring waterfall to a stroll into softer, more quaint cascades, read on for 10 of the top waterfalls in all of Wisconsin.    

Wilken Glen and Cascade Falls


With a total of .6 miles to the Cascade and back, and a well-kept trail with wooden walkways paving your way through the wild, Wilken Glen and Cascade Falls in Osceola is an easy hike, perfect for bringing along little ones of all ages. The falls themselves flow over mossy stone, engulfed in a sea of green botanical life. (Tip: You can pass the falls and venture to St. Croix River for scenic views.)

Superior Falls 

Montreal River

The 90-foot falls are located on the Montreal River, landing itself in a rare interstate between Wisconsin and Michigan. The falls have several drops and slopes on its way down, a total of 110 levels can be seen from the parking lot. Each cascade lands into a different size pool, some deep enough for cliff diving. The trail to the falls begins at the parking lot and guides you down on a short grassy trail.

Big Manitou

Big Manitou 


Hidden in Pattison State Park, Big Manitou can be found 13 miles from Superior Falls. Big Manitou gets its name from its 165-foot tall cascade, making it the tallest waterfall in all of Wisconsin. Locals claim you can hear the sound of a great spirit if you listen close enough to the rapid waters. The four-mile hike to the falls is fairly easy and worth the venture to see our tallest falls.

Copper Falls


Copper Falls is located in Mellen and stands 50-feet tall. The falls are an excellent fishing area and feature “Selfie Stands” along the Doughboy Trail for a scenic photo-op. The water’s cascade isn’t the only thing to explore in the area; along the hiking trail, you will find deep gorges, ancient lava flows and some furry creatures. 

Willow Falls


Nestled on Willow River State Park, Willow Falls is just northeast of Hudson. With spaces to camp, fish, rock climb and picnic, this aquatic spot is a must to visit for all kinds of adventurers. Though you can be graced by Willow Falls’ presence all year round, they are best enjoyed in the winter, when the multi-level cascade is frozen and enchanted with frost. 

Amnicon Falls

Amnicon Falls

Amnicon State Park

Amnicon Falls in Amnicon State Park is not just one cascading sight to see but is a multitude of falls that flow throughout the state park along the Amnicon River. Each fall rests at different heights and slopes and is easily accessible. The water’s house fish for game and spots for swimming and diving.

Montello Granite Quarry Falls

Montell Granite Park

Montell Granite Park is known for more than just its prestigious granite quarry, but also its natural waterfalls flowing over granite walls. With four cascades in total to see, swimming spots and lounging areas, Quarry Falls makes for a unique aquatic escape. 

Upson Falls


A hidden gem in the town of Upson, Upson Falls is set on Upson Campsite. The camping grounds are small and only accommodate six spots, making for a more personal experience. The camping spots are housed right next to the falls, allowing visitors to fall asleep to its falling waters. Upson is a pet- and kid-friendly attraction with a very short venture to its waters, and also has well-maintained restrooms onsite. 

Dave’s Falls


A smaller fall along the Pike River in Marinette County, Dave’s Falls is more than its stunning rush of waters, but it also features an onsite playground, clean restroom facilities and scenic views of eccentric rock formations.

Morgan Falls


Hidden inside Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Morgan Falls stands 70-feet high with incredible views of Apostle Island and St. Peter’s Dome. The falls are quite accessible, with a total of one mile to travel to and from the destination. 

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