Madison’s Gemini Lash & Brow

Enhancing one’s eyes is all the rage. From semi-permanent lashes to tattoo brows, it’s hard to differentiate between what’s a fad versus a solid investment. When in doubt, consulting with a beauty professional is always a smart call. And Bri Storey has become one of the most popular pros in Madison since opening Gemini Lash and Brow in March 2020.

“I believe in transparency and having an honest line of communication with my clients. One of the most important things to me is making sure we are doing what is best for you and your lashes (and brows) without compromising them,” Storey says. “When you come to Gemini, I want you to feel relaxed, like a visiting friend, which allows us to always have honest conversations—lash related or not!”

The secret to her success also lies in staying fully informed on the latest techniques and trends, which allows Storey to consistently deliver a unique experience her clientele is unlikely to get at another service provider in Southern Wisconsin. “I have met the most beautiful souls in opening Gemini, and I love that I get to make them feel even more beautiful,” Storey affirms.


Her service list is extensive in terms of the number of specialties offered at Gemini, in addition to Storey’s pricing structure. For more budget-conscious individuals, hybrid brow tints—plus eye lash lifts and tints—are affordable options that can add depth to one’s natural features.

Whereas if a noticeable change in length and volume is the desired outcome, investing in a full lash set (either classic, hybrid or volume) in combo with a brow lamination and tint is definitely worth considering–especially since it’s perfectly OK to splurge on oneself every once and a while. Like Storey says: “People are looking for anything that will make their everyday lives easier. Waking up and feeling like you’re ready to go allows you to use that extra time on the things that actually matter to you!”

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