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Tied House Milwaukee Cocktail Bar

Discover Tied House, an immersive cocktail experience in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. Every season, Tied House updates its handcrafted market-fresh cocktails and outdoor patio to a new theme, transporting guests through taste, sights and sounds. 

Husband-and-wife team Melissa and Adam Weber have created a hidden-gem cocktail bar right in the heart of Milwaukee’s Third Ward, Tied House. The space is cleverly tucked next to a tall brick building that helps block that chill Milwaukee wind, so guests can warm up with cocktails outdoors most months of the year. 

Those lucky enough to either be in the know – or who spot the twinkling lights peeking through the darkened parking lot of Tied House’s outdoor entrance – will find themselves transported to the tranquility of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), a tropical tiki oasis or a even snowy Chalet. 

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Tied House changes its menu and decor twice a year for summer and winter, immersing guests with themed cocktails, the soundtrack and even the textiles on the chairs. 

The outdoor patio is the go-to place for guests – whether it’s a romantic pre- or post-dinner drink, having sips with friends, or a quiet place to catch up. It features a few different area, like a covered space that in one season feels like a tiki bar in the islands or, in another, a cozy cabin with space heaters to warm up in the colder months. Around the patio there are tables with themed throw pillows and centerpieces. Along the back of the patio are cozy low couches sprinkled around, offering spaces for bigger groups to curl up around the firepit. 

Through April 2024, the theme is Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). (Previous themes have included Eden, Winter Woods, Resort Life and Apres Ski.) The cocktails are a mix of cold and warm drinks to transport you to the crisp air of the snowy north. The Beet of a Different Dram is a gin-based cocktail with vermouth, beets, apple, lychee and is topped with peaks of fluffy egg white. The Handwarmer tastes just like drinking a festive mint with vodka, cacao, cinnamon, milk, mint and cream. It’s served in a tall glass Irish coffee mug and topped with bright green minty whipped cream. 

tied house milwaukee cocktail bar

Say yes to the offered cozy blanket so you can also enjoy a Haute Toddy, Wintery Mix or one of the 10 delicious offerings. There are also non-alcoholic offerings for all those with Dry January New Year’s resolutions. Trees lit with pinks, blues and purples dot the outdoor patio, and the lights twinkle off the bright white sequin pillows. 

If you can’t make it during normal hours, Tied House also offers two signature cocktails to go: Banana Rumma and Espress Yourself. (See the website for more information on ordering.)

Tied House winter hours are Thursday, 5 to 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 5 to 11 p.m. For more information and to order cocktails to go, visit tiedhousemke.com. Follow Tied House on Instagram for updates on upcoming themes. 

124 N. Water St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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