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Milwaukee Public Market Hosts Virtual Pizza-Making Class

Gather ’round your favorite device. Milwaukee Public Market welcomes Lyncoya Ilion as she joins Madame Kuony’s Kitchen and hosts a virtual pizza-making class Jan. 28.

On Jan. 28 from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m., Lyncoya Ilion teaches a virtual, hands-on pizza-making class. Roll up your sleeves as the class kicks off with a dough lesson; mixing, kneading and transforming it into a tasty thin and crispy crust. Next, Lyncoya will lead participants through a tangy pizza sauce recipe.

Pizzas are then topped off with fresh mozzarella cheese and pepperoni from Milwaukee Public Market vendor, West Allis Cheese, or mix things up and pick up toppings of your own choice.

What you will need:

Food processor or stand mixer (If you don’t have either, your hands are fine too)

Medium-sized saucepan

Rolling pin

Non-stick pizza pan

Measuring spoons

Long handle spoon

Small glass bowl (large enough to hold 1 cup of water)

Large bowl

Clean kitchen towel (large enough to cover a large bowl)

Small spoon

The Milwaukee Public Market pizza-making class is $10 per device. Register here.

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