Wisconsin’s Best Local Bookstores

As the e-book market has grown in recent years, many small-scale book shops have suffered as a result. Thankfully, there are a handful of beautiful and unique bookstores throughout Wisconsin that have weathered the storm and maintained their business for the sake of local book-lovers. Here are some of Wisconsin’s best local bookstores.

Itty Bitty Bookstore


With Dominique Lenaye at the helm, Itty Bitty Bookstore is the only Black-owned bookstore in Dane County. Lenaye hand-selects books with the community in mind, and each month, Itty Bitty Bookstore has a new curated collection for readers to enjoy. For more information, visit www.ittybittybookstore.com.

Boswell Book Company


Milwaukee’s Boswell Book Company is a hub for all things literature related—unique titles and classic reads, custom-picked books, information on local book clubs, and invitations to special events featuring authors and book signings. For more information, visit www.boswellbooks.com

Janke Book Store

Janke Book Store


This bookstore boasts an enormous amount of character and has a history dating back to its opening in 1919. Known as the oldest bookstore in Wisconsin, Janke Book Store sells both new and old historical books, quirky gifts and unique souvenir items. For more information, visit www.jankebookstore.com

20th Century Books


This Madison-based bookstore has a reputation for carrying an impressive collection of literature genres and a wide array of books. Settled on Park Street, this shop specializes in comic book sales, along with popular culture pieces, mystery and science fiction favorites, and so much more. For more information, visit www.southparkbooks.com

Redbery Books


Redbery Books is as cozy as it is community-focused. The bookstore offers a weekly book club that’s available to the public, and their associates are always on-hand to recommend the best new releases, indie reads and cult-favorite books. For more information on Redbery Books, visit www.redberybooks.com.

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