Fabulous People

Frank Hermans

Fabulous People: Frank Hermans

A well-known Green Bay entertainer, business owner and fundraiser, Frank Hermans is the publisher of Frankly Green Bay and president of Let Me Be Frank Productions theater group. Each endeavor is dedicated to arts, entertainment and culture.

alison kleiman

Fabulous People: Alison Kleiman

Alison Kleiman is the design and brand lead at Milwaukee Art Museum, which is now re-opened and safely welcoming guests. This Wisconsin native has been to art school twice, is a lover of live music and has been keeping focus on the “small wins,” as of late.

Taylor Green

Fabulous People: Taylor Green

Taylor Green, executive chef of Everyday Kitchen, took on that illustrious title at 20 years of age–an astonishing feat. Green, who is new to Madison, is also an accomplished musician, calling guitar-playing his other passion. Learn about Chef Taylor Green…

amy miller Lodgic Kids Camp

Fabulous People: Amy Miller

Mom-of-two Amy Miller is the center director at Lodgic Kids Camp, a Madison-based flexible childcare space with a focus on providing children with a playful, engaging environment and dedicated teaching staff. Learn about Amy Miller…


Fabulous People: Otehlia Cassidy

Otehlia Cassidy is the owner of Madison Eats Food Tours, LLC. As a professional foodie and travel enthusiast, she regularly operates culinary tours to Mexico and Cuba. Otehlia is also a fierce supporter of cultivating more opportunities in Wisconsin for female entrepreneurs to launch food-based businesses.


Fabulous People: Shawn Bolduc

Shawn Bolduc is one of Madison’s “Instafoodie” faves. By day, he is the Director of Audience Services for Wisconsin Union Theater. And his popular sidegig is whipping up gourmet treats and hosting pop-up events (currently online) under his LLC, The Baked Lab.