River Shores Chiropractic

River Shores Chiropractic is a woman-owned wellness center in West Bend. Founded almost 14 years ago by Dr. Krysti Wick, River Shores has evolved from a pain-based practice to a focus in holistic wellness, caring for all ages but exceptionally talented in pediatric and family care.

Once a sole operation, this chiropractic care center has now expanded to a team of three (and soon to be four) female doctors who operate as a team versus individual client to patient care. While Dr. Wick, Dr. Andrea Lange and Dr. Kari Charlevoix have very similar approaches, they believe that having multiple hands, brains and hearts working on an individual helps to provide robust care, and thus bringing the patient the best experience.

Chiropractic care was founded on the nervous system, knowing that the central nervous system (CNS) is the master system which controls everything that happens in your body. It’s the intention of the team at River Shores Chiropractic to educate its clients on the importance of a sound CNS. Through various neurological scans which measure temperature, muscle activity and heart rate, the team is able to reveal a deeper visual of what’s going on within the CNS versus just responding to the approximately 15 percent of symptomatology that patients can feel and control. The doctors here work to remove interferences through adjustments of the body and lifestyle. By doing this, the goal is to assist in the healing journey to restore mental, physical and chemical balance.

Dr. Kari Charlevoix, Dr. Krysti Wick and Dr. Andrea Lange

When a parent brings in their child, the first focus is to get a thorough history including what the pregnancy and labor and delivery was like (if known). Labor and delivery are usually the very first stressors on the body; therefore, understanding the process allows the team to design appropriate care. For expecting mothers, a very similar intake process will occur with the addition of an inquiry regarding pregnancy history and goals. One of the reasons this team promotes chiropractic care on pregnant women is to utilize the Webster Technique, which is pregnancy specific and focused on balancing the pelvis, to keep Mom comfortable while also aiding Baby into the best position for labor and delivery.

According to the team, roughly 45 percent of the patients who come to River Shores Chiropractic are pediatric, and about 15 percent are pre- or post-natal. However, the specialty of this team is to service the whole family. I went to this team as an individual adult female needing my back adjusted, but what I walked away with was a better understanding of what my body needed beyond the sore back I was feeling. This was the first time I had gone to a chiropractor who did such a thorough health history intake and neurological scans. When I went back for my results, I was wildly impressed by what they were able to teach me about my general health. I genuinely felt cared for by the team of doctors and entire staff; it’s no wonder they have such a positive reputation amongst families.

For more information about River Shores Chiropractic and the team, visit rivershoreschiro.com.

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