Restaurant of the Week: Graze

Located on Madison’s Capitol Square is Graze—an American-style gastropub by Chef Tory Millerthat’s focused on creating comfort food that utilizes and celebrates the region’s local farms and producers.

The property is beloved for its unparalleled views, complemented by a number of the eclectic offerings created by Chef Miller.

Graze sources most all of its ingredients from small farms in the local Wisconsin regions. The farming practices embrace the land where food is grown or raised: grass-fed beef, acorn- and whey-fed hogs, artisan trout, cave-aged cheeses, and an amazing variety of vegetables grown in Wisconsin’s most fertile soils.

Some of the favored dishes include the Shawarma chicken salad and the Le Grande Grazé fried chicken breast. A must-try dish is the delicious. It is made with your choice of marinated ground pork or tofu crispy rice, sunny-side-up egg, sautéed bok choy, market vegetables and spicy gochujang.


The community-oriented space isn’t just focused on delicious local fare—they aim to build a tavern where people can feel comfortable and surrounded by familiar faces.

Along with their regular menus, visitors can also indulge in Friday fish fries and weekend brunches.

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