Best Bagels in Milwaukee

From savory pepperoni pizza bagels to sweet peanut butter and jelly bagelwiches, Milwaukee is ba-goals and is every Wisconsinite’s go-to destination for celebrating National Bagel Month.


Contrary to its name, guests at Cranky’s is not cranky and are, in fact, overwhelmed with the restaurant’s chewy, golden goodness. Cranky’s offers specialty made-to-order bagel sandwiches that have been handcrafted and freshly baked for each plate. Some house favorites include the tomato and three cheese bagel, a fun spin on a grilled cheese sandwich, the PB & J, and savory sausage egg and cheese bagel. If a sandwich isn’t your speed, Cranky’s also offers bagels with toppings like cream cheese and sweet housemade jellies. 

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Ruby’s Bagels

A mom-and-pop-style spot, Ruby’s Bagels is Milwaukee’s first bagel pop-up that started in 2019 with humble beginnings. The shop uses its secret family recipe to make its delicious bagels and offers in-store pick-up, delivery and online orders a week in advance. We highly recommend you order online if you want a bite of the popular, tasty goods. You can stay up to date on the rotating menu on Instagram and Facebook and expect a few traditional flavors to stay consistent amongst the unique ones like plain and Everything. 

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Allie Boy’s Bagelry & Luncheonette

Allie Boy’s Bagelry & Luncheonette

Locally owned and operated, Allie Boy’s is a bagel lover’s paradise, offering a vast array of bagel flavors and unique toppings. Each plate is made with locally sourced ingredients, with a rotating seasonal menu. A specialty Bagel of the Day is available for adventurous guests, with some notable past flavors including the candied salmon bagel. In addition to its creamy schmears, Allie Boy’s offers seasonal jams, hummus, almond butter, and crème fraiche toppings to complete your bagel. 

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Great American Bagel 

Each bagel from Great American Bagel, found at General Mitchell International Airport, is made from scratch in the morning and served hot all day long. The spot offers a multitude of flavors, including asiago, cinnamon toast crunch, blueberry crunch and, our personal favorite, the cheese, and pepperoni pizza bagel (to die for). The bagel destination also houses bagel breakfast sandwiches, like the simple PB & J on a cinnamon bagel, or the asiago omelet bagel featuring scrambled egg, roasted red pepper, turkey and provolone cheese on a zesty asiago bagel.

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Sprocket Cafe

With eats that can be delivered straight to your front door or made-to-order through the drive-thru, Sprocket Cafe offers bagels, specialty bagel-based breakfast bites and toasted munchies. Pick from one of the five flavors and enjoy your baked goods toasted with a specialty cream cheese, hummus or avocado spread. Some local favorite breakfast sandwiches include the egg bagel, a twist on a traditional nova lox but with a hard-boiled egg instead of the smoked salmon (though you can order that too) with capers, fresh red onion and savory cream cheese.

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