5 Fab Plant Boutiques

Sprouting seeds require much more than dirt and sun. Even growing succulents can be a challenge without the right soil, hydration and other fundamental knowledge. So a trip to visit one of these Wisconsin plant pros may be the lifeline you need this spring to revamp landscaping or patio garden projects.

GROW Greenhouse


GROW Greenhouse is a woman-owned store located downtown filled with eclectic plants, pots and accessories made by local artists. And the staff offers unending support post-purchase since GROW’s mission is to help others successfully tend to indoor and outdoor greenery. Proprietress Melissa O’Brien feels it’s vital in today’s world to find time to unplug and decompress by focusing on self-care. “Introducing plants into your space—big or small—can help increase productivity, concentration and memory,” she says. “Plus, caring for plants has the capacity to help improve your overall wellbeing by reducing stress and anxiety.”

Avid Gardener


An enthusiastic approach to outdoor living is reflected in this boutique’s inventory of outdoor décor and perennial plants. Every gift item at Avid Gardener is stocked by owner Christianne Laing for its functionality as much as its aesthetic. She also stocks seeds and starter plants of a variety of berries to veggies for green thumbs who enjoying being able to eat what they grow.

Maranta Plant Shop


Striking that crucial balance between beauty, purpose and representation is a priority of this brand. Maranta Plant Shop is Milwaukee’s only BIPOC-owned plant-based business. And it’s an ideal resource for green living advice for recreational botanists still trying to ascertain their personal style in terms of what types of annuals best suit their lifestyle and/or will grow well on an urban balcony.

Equinox Botanical Boutique


This store is an oasis for those who adore floriculture. Whether a patron’s been weeding and planting for years or is simply buying spider plants for the first time, owner Maria Caravati and her crew have the tools, seedlings and tips to create an eco-friendly, indoor—or outdoor—space that’s Pinterest-worthy.

Aloe & Jade Boutique


Offering unconventional choices many shoppers marvel over, Aloe & Jade is a mini-showroom for those looking to make begonias pop in brightly colored pots, snag eye-catching air plants and rev up interior design with bold phrases. Perusing this shop leaves one in little doubt that investing in quality products upfront results in a bountiful garden or a menagerie of houseplants you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

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