olbrich garden tour

Olbrich’s Sidewalk Tour Celebrates the Urban Gardens of Madison

Enjoy the great outdoors—at a social distance, of course—all month long as Madison’s Olbrich Gardens presents its Sidewalk Garden Tour. The walk/bike tour features the breathtaking urban landscapes of the Marquette, Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara and Eastmorland neighborhoods.

Not only does Olbrich’s Sidewalk Garden Tour give tour-goers a front-row look at some of the area’s most gorgeous flora and fauna, but it also teaches them about the importance of gardens in an urban settings. For instance, did you know that gardens help moderate the temperature of cities and even intercept intense rain to reduce the pressure on storm sewers?

Most importantly, many of the gardens on the walk/bike tour incorporate sustainable gardening practices, like the use of native plants, that support the health and wellness of people, wildlife and the planet, overall. The main mission of Olbrich Botanical Gardens is to be a treasured and globally renowned source of beauty and education, honing in on the importance of plants in a sustainable world.

A printable garden tour map is available here. Though Olbrich’s Sidewalk Garden Tour is free to enjoy, consider supporting Olbrich Gardens by making a donation.

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