How to Be Fabulously Stylish at Home

Feel like your fashionista flair is ebbing away cooped up at home? There’s only so many days any of us can lounge around in pajamas before our desire to be productive takes a massive nose dive. Research has proved enclothed cognition—”the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes”—is not just hype. 

For me, ethical clothing companies like the locally owned Fair Indigo are the remedy for ensuring my #OOTD strikes an ideal balance between chic and comfort. Head designer Stacy Imhoff confirms this intentionality in the production process. “As a sustainable company, we focus on creating timeless pieces that can easily work into a minimalist, streamlined collection. The creative process tends to start as a combination of trend research and looking into my own wardrobe and asking what’s missing…what garment(s) would I like to own that I haven’t come across in the market?” she explains. 

“That’s how the Organic French Terry Jumpsuit came to life! During the Polar Vortex of 2019, I was working from home, really wishing I owned a combination of one of our popular French terry dresses and jogger pants. I sketched it up right there on my couch then proposed it to the team. After a handful of prototypes, we landed on a very comfortable and wearable piece that is flattering on every body we’ve seen it on.” 


If you could use more assistance in assessing what to ditch vs. stick with in your closet atm, use these tips from Imhoff and Fair Indigo president Tanya Thorson as a DIY Style Guide

  • Longevity: We’ve all dropped way to much cash on an item that was trending for a hot minute then beyond played out by the next season. This sort of shopping pattern can wreak habit not only one’s psyche, but budget too. “Our garments are designed and crafted to last for years of enthusiastic use when well cared for, which ensures maximum use over the lifecycle of the product—meaning you won’t get bored of wearing your clothes,” says Imhoff. And you’ll make bigger strides toward achieving financial goals by cultivating a personal style which helps you “own less, yet live more,” encourages Thorson.
  • Sustainability: Approach this characteristic from a ‘think global, act local’ perspective. “Be intentional head to toe about what you are choosing to wear,” advises Thorson. As a fair trade company, we can attest each garment we sell is ethically made. Plus the models in our catalogs and advertisements are individuals we know who are active in the local community.” Ask yourself: Are the brands you’re purchasing inclusive of all body types or transparent about the social impact of how their garments are produced? You should feel good about apparel choices on a holistic level. 
  • Versatility: It’s worth reflecting on how much of your clothing is truly functional—and fashionableOver the years, I’ve become more interested in creating pieces that are really versatile that can be worn in multiple ways for a variety of looks,” shares Imhoff. “The Reversible Wrap DressReversible Wrap Top or Lightweight Boxy Sweater are great examples because each can be dressed up or down.” If you can describe each component of an outfit as a “refined basic,” according to Thorson, chances are you’ll get a lot of use out of each piece when worn together plus separately (whether out on the town or working remotely).

I would agree since my ‘at-home’ fashion is cozy, with a generous dash of glam, for cranking out articles at my desk or facilitating Zoom meetings with my students. Looking good has kept me focused on my passions and positive about what life holds post-quarantine. Think fashion-forward to keep pursuing your 2020 bucket list. Nothing is out of reach when you daily show up like a queen!

Learn more about Wisconsin-based Fair Indigo at fairindigo.com.

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