Harmony Medical Aesthetics

Vanity feels like a virtue, and a worthwhile investment, after a private consult at Harmony Medical Aesthetics. Owner Dr. Harmony Ryan opened the Verona-based med spa in June 2021.

Dr. Harmony Ryan opened Harmony Medical Aesthetics as a detour from practicing family medicine because she missed being able to spend more time with patients to learn in-depth about their wellness concerns. The ability to provide comprehensive care, plus foster authentic relationships with clientele, are what Ryan enjoys most about running her business.

Her genuine interest as to the why behind each person’s first visit is evident during the thorough intake process, which begins once a guest is comfortably seated in a treatment room tucked in the rear corridor of Urban Etta Salon in Verona. The privacy instantly disarms any reservations about whether you made the right choice in terms of an aesthetic practitioner, as does the honest feedback one receives in regard to what treatments are likely to be most beneficial based on immediate priorities.

Photo credit: Rachel Werner

Whereas Ryan takes pride in catering to regular clients’ needs in terms of scheduling by offering extended hours on evenings and weekends, she is equally committed to steering folks away from opting for certain services, like injectables, too soon. Instead, she and the other licensed aestheticians on her team “continuously re-evaluate progress and make changes as needed. Our primary goal is always to help our clients feel and look their best,” Ryan says.

That is likely the reason HydraFacial and microneedling are two of Harmony Medical Aesthetics’ most sought-after treatments—both produce noticeable results sans any cumbersome post-care or lengthy recovery time. The latter in particular, when administered in a series of three to five sessions, can often induce similar anti-aging effects to more invasive procedures. “Microneedling creates microchannels in the skin that allow any topical treatments to penetrate the skin further—making your skin care regimen more effective,” she states. “In addition, microneedling will generate new collagen resulting in skin that is smoother, firmer and more toned.”

The biggest difference between the type of microneedling Ryan offers compared to several other med spas in the area is in how it is administered. She selected DermaFrac because “this device uses suction to provide a pain-free procedure with little to no downtime…and allows [her] to infuse a growth factor serum while performing the treatment.” And her passion for staying on the cutting edge of cosmetic therapies will not be waning anytime soon. She is currently scouting for a new space within a few miles radius to expand Harmony Medical Aesthetics later this year. In the meantime, book a visit to hear Ryan’s pro advice on how best to preserve—and enhance—your natural beauty.

To book a treatment at Harmony Medical Aesthetics, visit harmonymedicalaesthetics.com.

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