Get Your Sweat on at Home with Dfly on Demand

Looking for a way to get your sweat on at home but tired of the same old at-home workout routines? Madison’s Dragonfly Hot Yoga has your solution—introducing Dragonfly on Demand, at-home yoga and fitness classes for everyone, every shape, every size, available everywhere.

Like many service-based businesses, Dragonfly Hot Yoga, a Madison staple, has had to adapt in order to continue to serve their community in light of COVID-19, which is why they decided to bring their classes to you with Dfly on Demand.

“We’ve wanted to do this for quite a while,” says owner Megan Tucker. “We have a lot of members and clients that would travel a lot and they would say, ‘Oh, it would be so great if we could do online classes.’ So, when this happened, it was like ‘OK, how do we want to handle this? How can we give the clients the dragonfly experience as best as possible in their own homes?’”

Dfly on Demand is available on your Smart TV, computer, phone or tablet. The program includes daily live classes ranging from their exclusive HIIT and yoga/cardio classes, to a variety of yoga styles like vinyasa Flow and Yin and Barre.

“For me, it was important to have these classes streaming from the studio,” says Tucker. “Which I know is not the same as being there, but if we can give people a little escape and at least visually see our studio, that would be something.”

Of course, if you can’t join the live classes, you can watch any of their pre-recorded classes on demand. Most of their live classes are added to the archive so that Dfly on Demand members can go back and watch them later at their own convenience. They also have a variety of breakdown and tutorial videos for beginners that walk you through each step and pose.

Tucker likes to tell the story of her father-in-law, a Vietnam veteran in his mid to late 70s, who recently took up yoga because of their program. “He would never have stepped foot in a yoga studio,” Tucker says. “He didn’t think yoga was for guys like him. Then when we launched this, just out of support for us, he signed up for the on demand membership…and next thing you know, he’s doing yoga and it’s changed his life.”

“He never ever would have tried this before, never,” says Tucker. “And he’ll probably never go into a yoga studio but he’s got a yoga mat at home and it’s his thing now, and he’s feeling better and his nightly walks are pain-free, and it’s just it’s really cool.”

At the end of the day, it’s the community feel that truly sets Dfly on Demand apart from other virtual workout programs. “We have all of these amazing instructors that represent all ages, and yoga styles and fitness levels,” says Tucker. “I’m hoping that maybe people will find us on demand and do some classes and then feel empowered to actually come into the studio at some point.”

Dragonfly’s four studio locations are closed for the time being, but they hope to get back to offering in person classes soon. In the meantime, you can get your sweat on with Dfly on Demand, all from the comfort of your very own home.

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