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EarthWise Pet: A Pampered Pet’s Paradise

Furry friends need love too. Same goes for proper hygiene. My family recently expanded thanks to adopting a puppy from Underdog Pet Rescue so I needed to figure out how to appropriately care for our growing girl’s body. Plus, I had other questions: Is doggie dental care “a thing”? What’s the best type of harness for her breed? Should I even be considering trying to trim her nails? Thank goodness for the educated staff at Madison-based EarthWise Pet—an animal nutrition and wellness center—who’ve been able provide the answers I was seeking, plus additional advice.

“Whether it is just a nail trim and bath for short-haired dogs, a full de-shedding treatment for thick-coated dogs or a haircut for long-haired dogs, some level of grooming is essential for every dog,” says EarthWise Pet co-owner Jeff Clark. A professional groomer can make the experience less stressful for you and your dog. While many dogs will put up a fight with their owner just to do a nail trim, a groomer can do it quickly and painlessly. Bathing and de-shedding a thick or double-coated breed can take hours, and if not dried and brushed out properly it can lead to a smellier or matted dog.”

Clark also explained that a professional groomer will spend the time to fully dry and brush out your dog’s coat and use the proper de-shedding products and tools to get out all the loose hair. The result will not only make the pup feel better, but the process will keep your home cleaner. “For those dogs that need a full haircut, a professional groomer’s experience with clipping or scissoring a dog will make sure your dog gets the proper cut and look good too,” he says. “As part of the process, groomers also check and clean your dog’s ears, check its glands, look for signs of skin or coat issues, and will report back to you any concerns you should monitor or seek veterinary advice for.”

EarthWise Pet

And at EarthWise Pet, which has two locations in the Madison area, all of this is done in a clean, safe environment where every effort is made to minimize stress for the animals. Clark, along with his husband Tim, also ensure that only eco-friendly shampoos and conditioners (“that are better for your dog and the environment”) are used during canine spa services.

I can also attest to the healthy dose of pampering my pup, Butter (pictured at top of page), received. She was doted on from the moment we walked through the door and happily scampered off to the grooming area with Hunter who gave a deluxe bath, nail trim and ear cleaning. The best part is Butter still smells lovely three days later, along with a glistening coat I definitely had not managed to get that clean since we first brought her home.

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