Coolest Culinary Road Trips

Sure, Wisconsin has a reputation for great beer and even better cheese—but the state is actually home to a number of original, decadent food options that can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Here are some of the coolest culinary road trips to embark on the next time you find yourself in the Badger State.

Try the fried cheese curds at Renard’s Cheese in Sturgeon Bay

Cheese curds are somewhat of a delicacy in Wisconsin—rather unsurprisingly, given Wisconsin’s history with making world-famous cheeses. Around the country, cheese curds can be enjoyed both fried or fresh. But a trip up north to Door County is well worth the drive as long as you’re able to squeeze in a visit to Renard’s Cheese—the home to the state’s so-called “best cheese curd,” along with a number of other savory offerings. For more information, visit


Enjoy the fish boil at the White Gull Inn Restaurant in Door County

Fish frys have a pretty steep history in Wisconsin, with the tradition dating as far back to the 1600s. To maintain traditions practiced back in European countries, many immigrants would attempt to avoid eating meat on Fridays—and thus, fish frys were officially born. Today, Door County boasts some of the best fish boils in the state, with the White Gull Inn Restaurant being a particular favorite. For more information, visit

Visit the original Culver’s in Sauk City

Culver’s certainly isn’t central to only Wisconsin—in fact, the franchise can be enjoyed all across the United States. However, if you’d like to get an authentic taste of the restaurant’s custard and world-class cheese curds, the fast food chain’s first location was founded in Sauk City in 1984. Between the genuine Wisconsin cheddar and tasty butter bun, the rich flavors of Culver’s are elevated even more by the classic Wisconsin hospitality offered at this Sauk City location. For more information, visit

Taste the authentic flavors of a kringle in Racine

Kringles have become a breakfast and dessert staple within the United States—but the delicate pastry was actually introduced to Americans in Racine, when Danish immigrants first introduced the delicacy to Wisconsin. Today, the kringle is not only the state’s official pastry, but it’s also composed of popular Wisconsin ingredients like cheese, almonds, and even cranberries, depending on the flavor you get. Racine Danish Kringles is the best spot in the state to indulge in the flaky treat. For more information, visit

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