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Best New Fiction from Wisconsin Authors

Wisconsin is home to a number of published authors. And several of the most successful have new releases on tap for this year. Mystery to Me Bookstore “book barista” Hannah Oxley shares which ones worth pre-ordering or adding to library waitlists—stat.

The Seven Day Switch (July 2021) by Kelly Harms

Reminiscent of Freaky Friday, Kelly Harms’ newest book tells the story of two women (who couldn’t be more different from each other, mind you) and one topsy-turvy morning when they realize they’ve swapped bodies. As the women try to figure out how to get their lives back, they are forced to literally walk a mile (or 10) in each other’s shoes. As it turns out, they might not be as different as they’d like to think. Outrageously funny and absolutely heart-warming, The Seven Day Switch is sure to leave readers feeling strangely grateful for the little things that make our lives…ordinary.

Shoulder Season (July 2021) by Christina Clancy

Fans of The Second Home, rejoice! Christina Clancy is back with a brand new novel that is perfect for freetime reading. Shoulder Season follows a young, Midwestern woman who is thrown into the fire that is sex, drugs and rock-and-roll. After losing her parents, Sherri Taylor finds herself staying in the “Bunny Hutch” of the Lake Geneva Playboy Resort.

The Women’s March (July 2021) by Jessica Chiaverini

A young woman returns home after spending years in the heart of the suffrage movement in Great Britain. Determined to spark the same change in her small homeland and with the help of a few new friends, Alice Paul finds herself in the middle of one of our country’s defining moments in time. Inspired by true events, Chiaverini’s narrative is well-researched and immersive. Fans of Resistance Women will not be disappointed.

The Breaker (January 2021) by Nick Petrie

At last! Book six in the Peter Ash series has arrived. While Ash planned to keep a low-profile life with his girlfriend June in Milwaukee, it would appear that fate had other plans. After thwarting an assassination, Ash and Lewis find themselves in the middle of a high-profile investigation in this page-turning thriller!

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