Best Drive-In Theaters

Since movie theaters aren’t operating at full capacity quite yet, drive-in theaters are proving to be a prime alternative for film lovers across the country. And Wisconsin just happens to be home to a handful of charming drive-in complexes that are showing a number of popular movies—both new and old—on a daily basis. 

Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater

Wisconsin Dells

The Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater is a twin-screen drive-in located just east of Wisconsin Dells. The cash-only theater showcases first-run features with backdrops of the state’s stunning scenery. The old school property has been around since the mid-1990’s, and it still maintains a unique charisma that keeps people coming back regularly to this day. For more information, visit

Get Reel Chilton Twilight Outdoor Theater


The Twilight Outdoor Theater is a staple of Chilton that’s beloved for it’s vibrant team of employees, tasty concession snacks and diverse film lineup that’s showcased on the regular throughout the summer months and into the fall. For more information, visit

Duck Pond Drive-In


Earlier this summer, an order was signed in Wisconsin which allowed more drive-ins to open across the state, with certain restrictions in place of course. As a result, the Duck Pond drive-in opened in mid-May. Thanks to the early success of the space, the makeshift drive-in theater is continuing to show unique films on a weekly basis. For more information, visit


Highway 18 Outdoor Theater


Highway 18 Outdoor Theater is a quaint, digital cinema located in the county of Jefferson—the first of its kind in Wisconsin. The seasonal drive-in plays double features on a 90-ft. screen. The theater also offers a variety of movie snacks, plus a weekend-only bar that’s perfect for an adult’s night out. For more information, visit

The Milky Way Drive-In


Located at the Ballpark Commons is The Milky Way Drive-In—a staple theater of Wisconsin that shows a variety of films on a weekly basis. The theater has a reputation for its eclectic movie lineup—whether you’re looking for a family-friendly excursion or a night out on the town with your partner, The Milky Way Drive-In has a showtime schedule that anyone can enjoy. For more information, visit

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