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Be Bold. Beautiful. You. with Madison’s La Marie Beauty

The fountain of youth is an allusive promise fed to the masses via a seemingly infinite number of wellness, fitness and beauty brands. With so much hype surrounding ever-evolving trends, it’s extremely difficult to separate fact from fiction in regard to what products and services are beneficial, ineffective—or potentially harmful. Which is why Lisa Frommelt of Madison’s La Marie Beauty is the skincare expert I never knew I always wanted to be a client of.

Frommelt’s candor is refreshing and disarming in equal measure. She’s not in business to push unnecessary treatments; she’s created a welcoming brand for individuals willing to invest in looking runway-ready for the right reasons—and in non-toxic ways.

“I opened La Marie Beauty in October of 2017. My vision was to create a space that was different from your typical med spa. I wanted to offer a consult not only where the provider listens, but you are heard. We want to cater to you; create an experience; and allow you a comfortable and safe space to develop a relationship with your beauty team,” says Frommelt. “It is so important to work and build a relationship based on trust. We work closely together, and usually on your face, thus it’s imperative that we are able to communicate effectively to achieve your goals.”

Her straight-forward advice was not what I had been expecting as an advanced skincare newbie. But her honesty quickly put me at ease in regard to having dermaplaning and a chemical peel during my first visit and other therapeutics I should consider in the future such as microneedling or small collagen injections near my cheekbones. “Investing in products and services that have been researched, studied and verified makes all the difference. So much of all cosmetic skincare is not FDA regulated,” Frommelt says. “When you purchase pharmaceutical skincare, you are not only purchasing a higher quality and greater concentration than you can find on the shelf, you are also guaranteeing what you are buying truly is in the bottle plus you can work with your provider [at a medical spa] to find the right product for you versus guessing. You can also start with samples and slowly increase in strength to achieve more optimal results.”

She also encourages others to explore what beauty options make the most sense from a self-care—and financial—perspective. Her outlook can be summed up using the phrase “Bold. Beautiful. You.,” which can be broken down via the following tips:

  • BOLD. “We want you to know we have the skillset and advanced techniques and trainings to take your beauty game to the next level. So be bold in being you. Be clear with your goals and we can safely get you there,” Frommelt says.
  • BEAUTIFUL. “We want you to know this is a world of enjoyment. You are beautiful the minute you enter our door. It’s crucial to remember what we do helps enhance our inner beauty, but that is where true beauty lies,” she says. “We want you to always feel your best, so we are here to offer all the little “extras” so you can feel confident. What we offer is fun and effective, but girl, you are already gorgeous.” 
  • YOU. “You are the most important person in the room. This is your time. Pamper yourself. Feel good about yourself. Take care of you. It’s your job to let us know your goals; it’s our job to listen, hear and help you achieve them,” Frommelt says.

And I can confirm a lavish level of personalized service is exactly what I received. My face was literally glowing after my services were done, and it is still exceptionally soft and smooth days later. It seems likely I’ll be paying La Marie Beauty another visit before year’s end as Frommelt managed to alleviate a few of the fears I’ve had about receiving cosmetic injectables.

“Botox and filler is like the intimate art of anti-aging. It’s quite similar in the way lotion is used to moisturize the skin: this is a topical treatment to provide hydration. Our skin cells are always losing Hyaluronic Acid and shrinking as we age. Filler is a nice way to rehydrate the Hyaluronic Acid cell while also plumping up the fine lines and wrinkles,” she says.

After having several myths debunked and a stellar first visit, I am now pondering if—and when—I may be ready to say “yes” to Botox. But what one thing I do know for certain is that Frommelt and her nurse squad are who I now trust to help keep my skin looking flawless for years to come….Stay tuned!

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