Advanced Aesthetics in Downtown Madison

Non-invasive. Cutting edge. Both astutely describe the treatments Genevieve Schultz and Rebecca Westphal curate for their Advanced Aesthetics clientele in Downtown Madison.

Working exclusively with evidence-based skincare brands like Hydrafacial, both aestheticians make a sincere effort to meet the individual needs of each person who they meet with during virtual visits and onsite services. Ongoing education for themselves and their patrons is the center of every comprehensive skin health plan Schultz and Westphal develop.

Located inside The Nest—an intimate, wellness space located on the ground level of one of the swankiest high-rises in Downtown Madison—Advanced Aesthetics’ therapeutic area is a private suite with state-of-the-art technology. It is also outfitted with a lavish spa table that’s as comfy as a new recliner, but much better since the surface can be heated to accommodate each guest’s body temperature.

Schultz and Westphal’s most sought-after services at the moment include the Skin Health Virtual Visit that became immensely popular while the stay-at-home order was in place. The flexibility of being able to speak via Zoom or FaceTime makes these sessions time—and cost—efficient, now that for many, travel and regular office hours have resumed. So far in 2021, Schultz confirms their new microcurrent technology (“which uses a low-level electrical current to lift, tone and re-educate the facial muscles”) and the LED Light Therapy have been in demand. One may even surpass the Hydrafacial before year’s end—the most requested treatment in 2020.

But before getting started, communicating the “why” behind recommended therapies is an aspect of their client interaction Schultz is adamant that her (nor Westphal) are unwilling to compromise. Each customized regiment is heavily influenced by information shared during an initial consultation—a virtual appointment which typically last about 25 minutes—and is a necessary precursor to any first in-office visit, gaining clarity on a client’s health history, current skin care routine, lifestyle, budget and primary skin concerns. Unlike many skin specialists, Schultz and Westphal solicit additional details related to daily habits such as how much time one spends doing outdoor activities, sitting a desk, driving in a car or wearing a mask. Any of these factors, Schultz reveals, can impact the trajectory of a proposed treatment. This information also carries over to their suggestions for home skincare routines, in addition to whether a professional product is needed during post-care or if an over-the-counter alternative sold at Walgreens or Target will suffice.

Schultz and Westphal stay budget-conscious for those they see regularly. Neither aestheticians want people using an over-the-counter item when they know a pro product is a better investment long-term for achieving a particular result. “Quality ingredients, efficacious formulations and proper use can wind up saving you more money over time,” says Schultz. “The skin is a very smart organ and with all of the products and treatments that are available, we can often get in the way of our skin doing what it does best. One might be surprised to know that achieving what they are looking for may be less involved than one might think.”

To book your treatment at Advanced Aesthetics, visit www.ahealershand.com.

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