A Guide to Snowboarding in Wisconsin

With perfectly frosted slopes, snowboarding in Wisconsin can feel like a dream. The state boasts a multitude of stops to get the perfect gear, thrilling trails to conquer and classes to get you up and moving like the pros. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a novice, we have you covered with the ultimate guide to snowboarding in Wisconsin. 

The Right Equipment

Regardless of your skill level, having the right snowboarding gear can make or break your experience. You need a board fitted to your height and weight, protective gear, boots, warm clothes and more to help get you ready for the slopes. Snowboarding is exciting but can be dangerous if you do not have the right equipment. Luckily, Wisconsin has a plethora of snowboarding gear spots, with experts who can personalize your gear and keep you safe. Mountain Outfitters in West Bend offers everything you need for a snowboarding trip and can even fix broken boards, if needed. If you are traveling in Madison, some great local stores include Rich’s Boardsports, Focus Boardshop and REI, to name a few.



Though it might not be the quickest route to the big slopes, snowboarding lessons are imperative for beginners regardless of their age. The sport requires a lot of balance, muscle strength and proper technique. If done incorrectly, you might spend your day on the slopes exhausted from falling and picking yourself up, resulting in injuries, sore muscles and a day not-so-well spent. Most if not all snowboarding spots usually offer affordable lessons, including some private or with groups. They’re fast and will have you out on the slopes like a pro in no time. 

Though there is an endless amount of classes available, some to consider include:

Alpine Valley Resort

This winter escape is known for its cozy alpine accommodations, skiing and snowboarding slopes, and winter sports lessons. The spot offers snowboarding lessons that can begin as early as 9 a.m. The lesson is $120 for adults and includes a full day of skiing after the hour-long class in the alpines. 

Cascade Mountain

A local favorite snowboarding destination, Cascade Mountain offers a variety of snowboarding lessons for children and novice adults and seasoned snowboarders who want to amp up their skills and learn a few new tricks. Private lessons begin at $120 and include a full day of boarding after class. 

You can find more information on additional classes here


Trail Favorites

Snowboarding hotspots seem to be everywhere in our snowy state but not all offer the powdery texture snowboarders need, the thrilling hills and bunny slopes, or a crisp libation to enjoy after a long day of fun. Though you might be able to blaze down any snowy path, we compiled a list of a couple of the local favorite snowboarding destinations to help limit your search. 

Little Switzerland

Housed in Slinger, Little Switzerland is the first snow sports destination to ever be founded in Wisconsin. This historic spot offers 18 trails, three terrain parks and relaxing lift rides to get you up and down the mountain seamlessly. A small restaurant is housed at the top to grab a bite to eat, and Little Switzerland also offers exceptional snowboarding and skiing lessons. 

Nordic Mountain

Nordic Mountain in Wild Rose is perfect for novice and youth boarders. The mountain has easier trails to glide down while remaining an exciting, scenic venture. They offer a multitude of classes, trainers to come along with you on the slopes, and a cozy, on-site pub.

Tyrol Basin 

Tyrol Basin is located in Dale County and offers a multitude of slopes for experts and beginners, live music, relaxing lift rides, great food at its on-site restaurant and if you head up on a Tuesday, expect some more affordable rates on the lifts and fare. 

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