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5 Benefits of Holistic Pet Grooming

Healthy balance is just as important for animals as it is for humans. Which is exactly why Tabby & Jack’s Pet Supplies and Holistic Services, which has locations in the Madison area, tailors its services to suit individual pet needs, aimed at decreasing anxiety for their furry clientele.   

“Mind, body and soul. These three things are always our main focus in our doggie daycare packs and grooming salons,” says Tabby & Jack’s owner Michelle Lonergan. “Our holistic grooming practices quickly became popular with pet owners who demand loving and stress-free environments. We developed a holistic grooming training program and have grown to 20 groomers throughout five locations in Dane county.”  

Michelle Lonergan with Butter

According to Longeran, holistic grooming sessions can be physically and mentally beneficial to dogs in the following ways:

  • Leaving your pet in a salon for four to six hours (mostly in a cage) is very stressful for any dog—and can seem like a lifetime. Having services provided by a one individual builds trust with the groomer plus ensures most grooms can be completed in one to two hours.  
  • Hands-on methods helps groomers to be cognitive of a dog’s emotional state by being able to tailor the process throughout to prevent unease by using hands-on velocity dryers, gentle touch and soothing assurance. 
  • Dogs and cats are very intuitive in regard to the humans around them—becoming unsettled if they sense negative energy. Having staff trained in energy balance is key to establishing the right mood so that everyone present is happier. (This is why, Longeran says, “as a company, we try to be as flexible as possible with our groomers’ work schedule and allow them to set their own grooming pace to avoid a feeling of being rushed in order to maintain a calming environment.”)  
  • Using the highest quality products free of harsh chemicals containing natural healing ingredients to bring out the best in a dog or cat’s skin and coat.
  • Holistic groomers are train to inspect the “whole body” (skin/coat, anal glands, ears, teeth/gums, nails)—and bring any concerns to a family’s attention. They are also trained in skin/coat treatments and diet/supplements to improve overall health based on a pet’s specific needs.

Longeran and her team are proud to consistently provide compassionate and cost-affordable animal care and products in Madison, Fitchburg, Monona, Middleton and the newest storefront in Sun Prairie. For dog owners in particular, Longeran also suggests extending a groom session into a full excursion. “Just like us, it is important for overall physical and mental health for dogs to exercise and to socialize with their friends. Most dogs will benefit from a safe, fun and positive playdate with peers,” she says. Tabby and Jack’s provides daily report cards at pick-up and prioritize talking to owners about social skills, training ideas and examples of how attending doggie daycare is having a good impact on their cuddly companions.

For more information on Tabby & Jack’s, visit www.tabbyandjacks.com.

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