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Restaurant of the Week: Wander Provisions

Eating out in nature can be a superb experience, assuming one has the time to prep, cook and pack eats, drinks and utensils before heading off on an excursion. Which is often where the fun of picnicking takes a deep nose dive—when the labor it takes to organize the meal requires more time and energy than one has to spare. But an efficient and affordable alternative to schlepping all the vittles, plus necessary kitchen wear, from home exists now that Wander Provisions has set up shop in Spring Green.

Located a short distance away from popular attractions like American Players Theatre and House on The Rock, this grab-n-go eatery certainly stands out as a foodie spot worth checking out in the Driftless region. “There are somewhat limited options for locally sourced food in our area,” says owner Kyle Adams. “With an increased interest in activities outside due to the [COVID-19] pandemic, I thought of creating a business that could support the local and regional food community while also catering to a demographic, which is moving away from the traditional restaurant setting to enjoy adventures like hiking and camping.”

Although a small selection of sandwiches and baked goods are available for purchase during regular business hours, the main draw are Adams’s robust picnics, cheese boxes and campfire kits available for pre-order, in addition to being customizable. Most of the rotating menus can be modified to accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dietary preferences.

Adams is also continuously partnering with other purveyors in the state by sourcing summer sausage from Cates Family Farms; seasonal veggies from Steadfast Acres; flour, beans and oats from Meadowlark Organics; plus ham and other products from Enos Farms. “Eighty percent of what we offer is from Wisconsin with most of the additional items coming from other parts of the Midwest,” she says.

And no matter the time of year, patrons can expect the hand pie, salad and sandwich fillings to be noticeably fresh since ingredients are regularly procured based on what’s currently in season. The result is flavorful combos that may appear novel on first sight, yet prove to be satisfying in every bite. Crunchy carrot tops spritzed with lemon juice jazz up a farfalle pesto salad enough to complement a hardy baba ganoush sub as a side dish. Or serve as a nutrient-dense starter before directly proceeding to devour Adams’s decadent desserts like brown butter cookies and dark chocolate brownies—affirming to-go fare from Wander Provisions is one more reason to prioritize time in the great outdoors.

To learn more about Wander Provisions, visit www.wanderprovisions.com.

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