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Restaurant of the Week: On The Bus

Veganism is often associated with food high on favor–and low on taste. But On the Bus in the Milwaukee Public Market debunks just about every misconception about eating plant-based with its towering milkshakes, massive mouthwatering burgers and lightly battered fries.

“During the pandemic, especially in the beginning, we needed to be creative in developing specials that really enticed our customers and motivated them to utilize our curbside pick-up option,” says Director of Marketing and Growth Paige Hammond. “We began with weekly milkshake and burger specials.”

Now that onsite dining has resumed as COVID-related precautions are being lifted, stepping into the hustle and bustle of the Milwaukee Public Market intensifies the anticipation of the serious grub time that awaits. On the Bus’ chic VW-bus booth located on the ground floor is an additional clue the menu is far from basic—with over 30 items listed on hanging boards—many of which suitable for any meal of the day.

From sumptuous acai bowls and superfood-loaded smoothies to a breakfast bagel to dairy-free hollandaise slathered over tofu eggs and tempeh “bacun,” it provides the perfect excuse to pop in for brunch on Sunday, then swing back by for a Portobello truffle sandwich over the lunch hour midweek. And because of the cult following the eatery now has in the region, special menu items are usually teased out via Instagram on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“We had so much fun developing and executing our milkshake and burger specials that we were inspired to develop a vegan, yeast-risen doughnut for what we originally planned to be a weekly doughnut day at On The Bus,” says Hammond. “However, after a month of recipe development in the test kitchen, we landed on a doughnut recipe that we knew deserved to shine more than one day a week at On the Bus.” Then came the regular pop-up with Sugar Cube Donuts—a collaboration helping to amplify the popularity, plus economic viability, of veg-centric food businesses. So get ready to be nourished during every excursion to On the Bus in the heart of MKE.

On the Bus is open Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit www.onthebusmke.com.

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