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Restaurant of the Week: Lake Park Bistro

Since 1995, Lake Park Bistro has been a beloved special event destination in Milwaukee, offering beautiful views of Lake Michigan. In reopening late last year, Chef Paul Bartolotta has the brought the restaurant to its roots – reimagining it as a haut bistro inspired by his experiences working alongside acclaimed chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro is the perfect dining destination for a celebratory meal or a business dinner. The restaurant is highly recommended for hosting events, including both indoor and outdoor weddings. This fine-dining establishment has a very peaceful atmosphere and would even be a go-to choice after a long day at work when desiring a delicious meal without having to lift a finger.

The French restaurant, with its gorgeous views and its high-class yet still warmly comfortable atmosphere, is a location of choice for fine diners around the city. The walls of Lake Park Bistro are decorated with portraits of four of history’s most iconic French chefs: Marie Antonin Carême, Georges Auguste Escoffier, Fernand Point and Paul Bocuse. If you’re fortunate to get a dining seat on the west side of the restaurant, you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of Lake Michigan brewing below. On that same side of the building is a stunning stone stairway which leads down to lake and is the perfect spot to snap a few photos.

Chef Bartolotta and fellow James Beard Award-winning Executive Chef Adam Siegel crafted a four-course menu at Lake Park Bistro, allowing diners to select their personalized culinary journey; guests can choose from an appetizer, middle course, fish or meat entrée and dessert. We recommend the TARTE AU CHÈVRE – FRANCOIS PASTEAU as your starter. This tart is a modern haut bistro dish inspired by Chef Francois Pasteau, a fresh goat cheese tart with caramelized Belgian endive, fresh ginger and honey-mustard sauce; each bite just melts in your mouth. For your second course, the ESCALOPE DE SAUMON A L’OSEILLE, a filet of salmon with a creamy sorrel sauce, is a classic dish from Chef Point and a must-order for seafood lovers. Other time-honored dishes, like veal stew, pan-seared beef tenderloin medallion and roasted duck breast, are among the divine main entrees. The staff perfectly times your courses and ensures your glass is never empty.

Since 1998, the restaurant has won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Lake Park Bistro is also well known for having Milwaukee’s only all-French wine list.

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Photo credit: Bill Milne

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