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Restaurant of the Week: FreshFin Poké

“Sustainable” and “natural” are not buzz words put to clever marketing use at FreshFin Poké. If that were the case, this small chain likely would not have expanded in rapid succession to now have multiple locations across southern Wisconsin including Milwaukee’s East Side, Third Ward, Bayshore, Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Madison and inside of the Fiserv Forum arena. Owners Nate Arkush and Andrew Foster’s original concept has now even spread to Utah—an impressive accomplishment considering the duo’s first restaurant opened in 2017.

The laidback aesthetic at FreshFin Poké also doesn’t skimp in terms of style. Lots of natural lighting and wood tables inlaid with the FreshFin logo are consistent interior elements likely to catch one’s eye at each locale. The décor is also frequently put to excellent use by diners who like to document stellar meals with gorgeous images destined for Instagram or TikTok.

However, of course, the main attraction is the food. This is where FreshFin far surpasses customers’ expectations by being able to accommodate any requests in terms of modifications of pre-set House Crafted Bowls like the Cilantro Chicken and Kalua Pork. But the beauty of this model is that patrons can order right off the menu as is—because it’s extremely allergy-friendly by design. Every protein choice and bowl base option is gluten-free, in addition to the majority of the optional sauces. Several of the latter are also vegan. And the only item currently on the menu (at select locales) which contains nuts is an ice pop.

The frustration of eating at establishments that require a hawk’s gaze to ensure food substitutions are properly executed is a non-issue at FreshFin, since guests always have the additional option of completely customizing their own bowls. Arkush and Foster also take feedback seriously in regard to what combinations are frequently requested over others. Thus, popular Bowl of the Month specials will often wind up as a permanent fixature on the menu, like the Sweet Avo (seen at top of page)—a dish seasoned just right with a sesame-ginger marinade, plus laden with plant-based protein (tofu, edamame and avocado). What’s not to love about nutritious eats that truly satiate healthy appetites? Correct answer: Nothing.

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