Best Bagels in Madison

The best mornings begin with perfectly baked bagels and freshly brewed coffee, and now mid-afternoons can be made merrier too with the delectable addition of the tastiest bagels in Madison.

Indie Coffee

This cozy yet chic coffee nook is the perfect place to curl up with a good book, a coffee and, of course, a bagel. Indie Coffee will draw you in with its eclectic flair and keep you happy with an indie-inspired interior and peaceful patio. The comfort continues with all-day breakfast complete with signature sandwiches like the Greenbush Bagel, a New York bagel toasted to perfection with cream cheese, oregano, tomato, olive oil and market ham, or the classic breakfast bagel topped with bacon from Jones Dairy and melty Wisconsin cheddar cheese. From whole wheat, plain, everything and sun-dried tomato to gluten-free, Indie Coffee is the spot for some of the best bagels in Madison. Plus, with seasonal specialties like the sugar cookie latte and snowshoe white mocha and plenty of creative coffees like the Cloud 9, with Ghirardelli white chocolate and toasted marshmallow, the beverage accompaniments make the experience even better. And since this bagel destination is within walking distance of State Street, you can also take your bagel to go while you shop and socialize downtown. For more information, visit

Gotham Bagels

Gotham Bagels

Home to some of the best bagels in the Midwest, Gotham Bagels hand-rolls each and every bagel before turning them into inventive bagel sandwiches. These New York-style bagels are best served plain, in its most authentic form, or brimming with classic cream cheese goodness. Order one or a dozen bagels, from cheesy asiago and sweet cinnamon raisin to the beloved everything bagel. Or if you’re looking for something a little more hearty, definitely go for the OMFG bagel sandwich for a little taste of the country. This bagel comes loaded with Nashville-style hot chicken, thick-cut bacon, aged cheddar cheese, spicy aioli and a fried egg. In addition, Gotham Bagels also boasts an in-store selection of specialty cream cheeses, like whipped feta, rosemary and black pepper cream cheese, and a deli serving up thinly sliced lox and hot smoked salmon to make your bagel even more stunning. Whatever you order, nothing beats browsing the shops on the capitol square with one of Madison’s best bagels in hand. For more information, visit


From the field to your table, ORIGIN Breads makes some of the most authentic bagels in Madison. Specializing in small batches of handcrafted and long-fermented sourdough breads using organic grains grown and stone milled in Wisconsin, ORIGIN Breads has mastered the bagel-making process. While browsing all of the freshly baked breads, guests can enjoy a plain, everything or sesame seed bagel. It will be hard to resist taking home a six-pack or two of bagels to munch on for the entire week. If you do end up splurging, don’t miss out on the everything bagels, made with organic whole wheat flour, organic maple syrup, unrefined sea salt, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and oregano. These lovely, locally grown organic grain bagels are not only nutritious but also downright delicious. For the original best bagel in Madison, don’t pass up on your chance to try an ORIGIN Breads bagel made with love. For more information, visit

Bagels Forever

Bagels Forever

Bagels Forever has been bringing a bit of heaven known as New York-style bagels to brighten up Madison’s charming college town atmosphere for over 40 years. The beloved bagels gained its reputation as the real deal thanks to all-natural ingredients and the boiled and then hearth-baked method of baking. Sold in grocery stores throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest, these bagels are no joke. Guests can indulge in something sweet, like maple or chocolate chip bagels, or go for more adventurous flavors, like jalapeno or sundried tomato. Better yet, besides a variety of cream cheeses, the bagels can also be topped with everything from deli meats and cheeses to veggies and condiments. With just a few simple ingredients, your bagel can be transformed into a BLT or even a pizza. If you’re looking for a new way to eat your morning delight, definitely order the bagel sticks with a side of brown sugar cinnamon, honey butter or whipped chive cream cheese for a less messy meal. For more information, visit

Crescendo Espresso Bar

The cutest cafe for coffee lovers, Crescendo Espresso Bar also knows a thing or two about bagels. The NYC bagels can be ordered plain, covered in cream cheese, or transformed into a savory sandwich. Check out the Daybreaker for a classic combination of baked egg, cheddar cheese and bacon or sausage. Or, kick things up a notch with the Treehugger for a similar sandwich with additions of creamy aged cheddar, basil pesto and a tomato twist. Be sure to get some bagels to go and maybe even a bag of Capstone Espresso blend beans for coffee infused with berry jam, roasted almonds and milk chocolate to perfectly contrast your morning bagel. Or, stay for a while and order in before taking on the abundance of shops, restaurants and experiences in store for you at the surrounding Hilldale Shopping Center. For more information, visit

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