5 Wisconsin Breweries Worth Visiting

Beer is a huge part of Wisconsin’s cultural DNA. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, visitors to some of the state’s most popular breweries are always inspired by the history and authentic taste in every draft beer or spirit concoction. Here are five breweries worth visiting the next time you’re in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Brewing Company

Wisconsin Brewing Company is the heart of the state’s brewing industry. Settled in Verona, this brewery has a reputation for an exceptional lineup of craft beers. Beyond the beer, though, visitors are mostly drawn to the experience that comes along with visiting Wisconsin Brewing Company—and the facility tour is particularly favored by tourists. For more information, visit www.wisconsinbrewingcompany.com

MobCraft Brewery & Taproom

Located in the heart of Milwaukee is Mob Craft Brewery & Taproom—a fairly young addition to the Wisconsin brewery scene, but a favorite among locals nonetheless. Visitors to MobCraft are able to sample flagship craft beers, brews from their famed Wild and Sour Program, and even some varieties that can only be sampled via the taproom. For more information, visit www.mobcraftbeer.com

Esser’s Cross Plains Brewery

If you’re looking to brush up on Wisconsin’s extensive history with craft beer, look no further than Esser’s Cross Plains Brewery. Located in Cross Plains, Esser’s origins date back to 1852, when German immigrant George Esser settled into Madison. His love for traditional German beer inspired him to purchase 2.5 acres of land in Cross Plains—which he dedicated to starting his own brewery. The rest is history, and today, Esser’s remains one of the most popular breweries in the state thanks to its charm and unique menu. For more information, visit www.essersbest.com

Badger State Brewing Company

Located in what’s known as the “Stadium District” in Green Bay is Badger State Brewing Company—a craft brewery, beer garden, taproom and upscale event hall rolled into one. The company offers 24 beers on tap, with six that are crafted especially by them. For more information, visit www.badgerstatebrewing.com

Lazy Monk Brewing LLC

Lazy Monk Brewing LLC—located in Eau Claire—balances offering a taste of Wisconsin through their handcrafted brews, with serving inspiring international spirits, as well. The European craft brewery has a love for traditional Bohemian and German style beers—and its menu is full proof of that. For more information, visit www.lazymonkbrewing.com

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