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5 Wisco Sober Sips

The term “dry bar” doesn’t merely apply to blow-outs anymore! Sober travel experiences continue to generate a steady buzz as more and more nonalcoholic adult beverages become available at a wide variety of venues, including in Wisconsin. So raise a glass filled with one of these spiritless sips to not having to sacrifice social drinking gatherings—when the bliss of being in good company is the only high you’re craving. 



Inmoxicated’s mission is to help normalize the decision to not drink alcohol by offering a wide selection of premium, alcohol-free beverages in an environment that offers the opportunity to connect with other non-drinkers. Co-owner Shannon Goodman “wholeheartedly believes that you shouldn’t have to give up going out and socializing when you choose to remove alcohol from your life.” Thus patrons at Inmoxicated are meant to relax sans the added stress of worrying about being pressured to drink—or quizzed about why one is choosing to abstain. Also keep an eye out this summer at pop-up events around Southern Wisconsin for Inmoxicated’s new mini mobile experience.

Octopi Brewing


Many a craft beer aficionado has bellied up to the bar at this locale known for tasty brews with clever names. But the Octopi Brewing team is now using its creative flair to invent boozeless renditions of popular beer types like a Watermelon Gose, Juicy IPA, Italian Pilsner, Florida Weiss and Chocolate Milk Stout. This new addition to Octopi Brewing’s Untitled Art bevvy roster seems like the natural next step after starting to make sparkling CBD water in 2020.

Kul Mocks

Kul Mocks

Reedsburg and online

This Wisco brand of canned mocktails was created by CEO Danielle Goss and her husband after learning through extensive market research that the demand for 100 percent alcohol-free drinks for adults extended well-beyond pregnant women. Each Kul Mocks flavor has been formulated to prioritize consumer wellness too, so the entire product line is caffeine- and gluten- free, non-GMO plus contains no artificial preservatives. The current boozeless lineup includes: Mock Mule, Strawberry Mock-arita, Blackberry Mock-jito, Mock G&T, Classic Mock-arita and Peach Hibiscus Cider. Stock up at Viking Liquor in Reedsburg or order directly from the vendor online to have delivered right to your door.

Mob Craft


Heavy on ales and the art of crowdsourcing, this brewery is quite the social hub thanks to being in the centrally-located Walker’s Point neighborhood in Milwaukee. Concocting unusual beers for customers to sample is what Mob Craft does best. Which is why the N/A beer options available at the tap room are just as flavorful as the large selection of traditional and gluten-free ales, sours and ciders plenty of Sconnies have grown to love.

Great Lakes Distillery


Turns out Juniper makes a fine liquor, even without being fully distilled into gin. Which is why Great Lakes Distillery seized the opportunity to launch a new product earlier this year called SANS Junipre Botanical Spirit. And you can try before buying in several non-alcoholic cocktails currently on the drink menu at the distillery’s tasting room set up a few miles south of Downtown Milwaukee. Order a Flathead if looking for a subtle alternative to a standard Screwdriver—or A Dry Splash if foregoing Prosecco isn’t an issue as long as you still get to have a fizzy drink in hand.

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