Fabulous People: Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson is the director of Banquets and Special Events at Lake Lawn Resort, which occupies two miles of Delavan Lake’s shoreline. Lake Lawn Resort is the ultimate year-round destination for leisure travel, meetings, retreats, weddings and events. Learn about Robert Anderson…

Hometown: Elkhorn, Wisconsin

First job: De-tussling corn for Tracy’s in Janesville when I was 15, where I also got a third-degree sunburn!

Favorite ways to spend your free time in WI: Hang with my dogs, watch movies, breakfast with mom every Sunday. I love to garden!

Your biggest accomplishment and why: Being the director of banquets and catering at Lake Lawn Resort. I have spent my entire career in hospitality. It all began in 1984 as a dishwasher here at Lake Lawn Resort. From there, I worked my way up from the kitchen, the ice cream shop, restaurant management, banquet management, conference planning to catering, all in 12 years’ time. I took a detour for a few years to another resort but came back home to work as a director of catering and wedding planning, another 10-year ride! I left again to gain more experience at another wonderful facility but finally came back to Lake Lawn Resort for good four years ago as a director of banquets and catering.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: I was on my own providing for myself at 17. I had to figure out how to get the next meal, where and how to work, and create my own work ethic. Once I started in hospitality, it took a long time for me to know I had found a home. However, I knew I had to figure out how to make it a career. With hard work and determination, I am thrilled to be where I am today.

Someone who inspires you and why: I look up to many people but find my inspiration from within.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Look for mentors as they may not look for you! I was lucky to find some great mentors early in my career. Mike Lodes and Joe Salem, a chef and a sous chef, respectively, were great to me, offering advice but letting me run with my creative ideas to improve the resort, guiding me as needed. There were several more but both Mike and Joe gave me my start.

Favorite quote: “It’s not the problem, it’s how you deal with it.”

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: There are no surprises! I am an open book.  I don’t believe in hiding who I am.

What makes someone fabulous: I don’t know. However, I do my best to love what I do each and every day! I live my life to be a kind, caring and very fun guy!

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