Fab Dads: Wisconsin

Imani Graham

As a Milwaukee-based private chef, Imani Graham helps people to find shared camaraderie over the wonders of food—both in and outside of his own kitchen. Whether he’s serving the communities of Wisconsin with his thoughtfully-crafted dishes or experimenting with new flavors for his kids and family to try, Graham wears every title in his life with profound pride—from a dad to a beloved chef and beyond.

What would you say has been the most rewarding part of being a father? The most rewarding has been having my children look at me like I’m a superhero. It never gets old. 

The biggest thing you’ve learned from your children is: that children are patient and understanding as long as we are patient and understanding. 

Keep up with all of Graham’s adventures in cooking and family life via his Instagram or his website, www.mentionableseats.com.

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