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Fab Couples

In words of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, all you need is love. Just ask these Wisconsin-based power couples, who count morning tea together, nights out of the town and cutting down their own Christmas tree as their most cherished traditions.


Fabulous People: John Morris

John Morris is the general manager of Sundara Inn and Spa, which is a destination spa set on 80 acres in a pine forest in Central Wisconsin. In addition to sumptuous spa services, the world-class location offers various wellness classes and activities, ranging from yoga to cooking classes to pontoon cruises.


Fabulous People: Samantha Strenger

Samantha Strenger is the co-owner of Keefe Vacation Rentals (soon to be Geneva Lakes Vacations) in Lake Geneva and is southeastern Wisconsin’s largest local vacation rental management company. “My business partner, Tom Keefe, and I also develop our own unique out-of-the-box rentals, designed to give visitors the ultimate Lake Geneva experience.”

Heritage Tavern plating

Q & A with Lindsay Christians, Author of “Madison Chefs: Stories of Food, Farms, and People”

Lindsay Christians, food editor and arts writer at The Capital Times and cohost of the Corner Table (a podcast about food and drink in Madison), has authored Madison Chefs: Stories of Food, Farms, and People, set to come out Dec. 21. In this new release, Christians takes readers on an in-depth look at nine Madison-area chefs and showcases why the city endures as a culinary gem.

Marit Sathrum

Fabulous People: Marit Sathrum

Marit Sathrum is the owner and director of Inner Fire Yoga, which has offered hot yoga to the Madison community since 2002. “Our mission is to foster a thriving yoga community by offering a full schedule and wide variety of yoga classes, with the highest level of expertise and integrity.”

maria clara

Fabulous People: Maria Clara Ruiz Zapata

Maria Clara Ruiz Zapata is the founder of Madison-based specialty coffeeshop, Estación Colombia. The mission of Estación Colombia is to not only expose Wisconites to incredible Colombia coffee but to increase the income of small-scale growers and promote sustainable travel and cultural exchange.


Fabulous People: Carrie Koenig

Carrie Koenig is the director of Environment & Facilities for The Bartolotta Restaurants, the premier restaurant and catering group in the Greater Milwaukee area. In her role, Koenig aids to deliver the the Bartolotta Promise of delivering an exceptional environment for guests.

Sascha Dhanjal Eifler

Fabulous People: Sascha Dhanjal Eifler

Sascha Dhanjal Eifler is the owner of Madison-based Saffi Foods, which specializes in award-winning oils and vinegar in zero-waste packaging. After living in Chile post-college and working with a small olive oil farm, Dhanjal Eifler set out to start a company in the United States offering premium, unadulterated products direct from farms.